Spatial Experience (SPX) is an innovation hub for specialist real estate, working in the intersection of design, marketing, technology and research to shape the future of living.

what we do

At SPX we drive innovation and creativity in real estate

We partner with industry players in co-creating sustainable specialist real estate concepts, products and brands for urban spaces, where people feel more connected, included and noticed. 

We offer full strategic and creative support over the product life cycle to carry out the commercialisation of real estate, while ensuring a continuous business growth of our partners and clients.

We take advantage of the modern world’s creative business solutions to solve the current world’s challenges and deliver inspiring results.

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We take advantage of the modern world’s creative business solutions to solve the current world’s challenges and deliver inspiring results.



From building our own ventures, supporting our partners and clients throughout their entire life-cycle or guiding young entrepreneurs throughout the first stages of product development, solving challenges and sparking innovation is our main driver.

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For over ten years, we’ve been observing, analysing and shaping emerging real estate markets since their early stage.

We bring our expertise and knowledge of the target’s needs to real estate investors, asset managers, developers, operators, among others, to ensure that the schemes that they develop are truly elevating the lives of the future citizen by creating experience-driven concepts, products and solutions.



Empowering the industry to innovate

Every project is an opportunity to drive change and make a positive mark in the specialist real estate industry.

We work alongside our clients to bring to market purposeful concepts, products & brands as well as elevate the living experience at their buildings.

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The choice of SPX was due not only to practical reasons such as the range of high quality assortment offered by the Company but what is more important a broad understanding of our needs as a Customer.

Their expertise in real estate shows utmost value in creating an effective brand strategy, identity development and its execution during brand deployment. SPX shows professionalism, experience and high quality of services as well as reliability of the staff. Based on successful cooperation we can recommend SPX as a reliable business partner.
Michał Kosyrz, Founder & Managing Partner
With rebranding, your company reputation is always at stake. You want your customers to love your new brand and you expect the entire process to be smooth, while keeping all operations alive. For all this, you need professionals. We are pleased that we chose Bart and his team of creatives and developers for this special exercise. They listened to our expectations, went the extra mile when needed and delivered a concept which we and our customers have well-adopted from day one
Stefan Kolibar, Chief Partnerships Officer
MPC Micro Living Development GmbH worked together with the SPX on the Staytoo Apartments concept since 2015. Our SPX experience is beyond the mere provision of marketing services. It is the level of service, customer care and the willingness to collaborate that makes them really stand out.

Their huge knowledge about real estate markets especially on student housing come along with valuable experience on brand building and communication channels to generation Y and Z target groups. At the same time SPX accepts and masters challenges to work on tight schedules and/or budget while keeping focussing on value and future improvements. Therefore it is a pleasure working with them on a professional and personal level.
Marco Lotichius, Head of Marketing & Brand Management
Spatial Experience is capable of bringing the best out of any team. Thanks to their Envisioning Workshops, we have managed to understand our opportunities within specialist real estate as well as gain insights into best practices, trends and developments that otherwise would not have come to the surface.

Not only have they injected innovation and creativity but also helped navigate the real estate division of our business ecosystem and new product development process. Thanks to our collaboration, we have been able to make better strategic decisions in regards to our real estate portfolio.
Piotr Voelkel, Founder & Owner
When we initially made the decision to completely revamp our website, we knew we had to find an agency who understands coliving and PBSA - all fingers pointed at Spatial Experience.However, nothing could prepare us for the great level of insight, experience and expertise that the Spatial Experience team had to offer.

Through this project we did not only gain a stunning new website, but we also gained more knowledge on the student and coliving market. The team is extremely professional and innovative, with great attention to detail and truly experts in their field. I look forward to working with them again in the future.
Lize Burns, Head of Community, Marketing & Partnership
Working with the Spatial Experience team has been a gratifying journey. Not only did they do a fantastic job delivering a stunning brand system on an exceptionally tight timeline, but through their strategic approach, SPX supported in building a strong, unique and sustainable brand with a clear value proposition.

It was both professional and personal, a remarkable collaboration as we could experience true alignment with the brand’s vision and mission at every step on the way. Their dedication to construct a future proof system to be implemented in all use cases gives sustainable value to the COMENTS brand. Looking forward to future collaboration with this wonderful team.
Chris Lange, CEO & Founder
Spatial Experience has been a key player and partner in the coliving industry, and their recent projects will set a landmark. With the brand creation of Art of Co, Spatial Experience created a brand that will shape the coliving scene.

Their core ability is to think brands holistically, meaning creating the right angle from the beginning, thinking longer-term for future brand adjustments and visually representing what the brand is trying to say. This differentiates SPX Agency from other agencies, who might understand branding but not the industry they are in.
Gui Perdrix, Director


Taking risks, moving fast, and being bold is part of our DNA. We wanted to influx those traits into real estate and transform the traditional character of the industry, opening the window for change.

Through our interdisciplinary 360 approach interconnecting research, design, marketing and technology, our efforts are centred around creating added value for assets, residents, companies, cities and society at large.


Join us on the journey towards the future of living

Our team consists of entrepreneurs, strategists and creative professionals.

We are passionate about bringing innovative solutions to emerging real estate and fueling the industry with creativity to drive change.