Spatial Experience (SPX) is an innovation hub for specialist real estate, working in the intersection of design, marketing, technology and research to shape the future of living.


At SPX we drive innovation and creativity in real estate. We partner with industry players in co-creating sustainable specialist real estate concepts, products and brands for urban spaces, where people feel more connected, included and noticed. 

We offer full strategic and creative support over the product life cycle to carry out the commercialisation of real estate, while ensuring a continuous business growth of our partners and clients.

We take advantage of the modern world’s creative business solutions to solve the current world’s challenges and deliver inspiring results.


We believe that real estate specialist assets are going to shape the developments of the future; our focus relies on developing such concepts and creating feasible solutions to the current housing crisis, alongside with many other societal challenges. 

We bring our expertise and knowledge of the target’s needs to real estate investors, asset managers, developers, operators, among others, to ensure that the schemes that they develop are truly elevating the lives of the future citizen by creating experience-driven concepts, products and solutions.



For over ten years, we’ve been observing and shaping emerging real estate markets since their early stage.

Oftentimes, our partners bring us already at the pre-development stage, as this is when they can benefit the most from strategic guidance that helps them make decisions at a later stage.



Everything around us is changing, from our behaviours to infrastructures or the way we interact with each other and the built environment. Real estate has the power to drive the change, and offer a platform for the citizens of tomorrow to keep thriving. 

Innovation is key in this process, where an industry with decades of tradition needs to reinvent itself to fit the demands of a greener, more conscious and connected society. And at SPX we strongly believe that innovation comes with cross-discipline collaboration, creativity, different fields of expertise and the experience of space from different points of view. We have combined three main characters of our work - creativity, entrepreneurship and research - to fuel a space where turn-key solutions can be envisioned, concepted and materialised. 

From building our own ventures, supporting our partners and clients throughout their entire life-cycle or guiding young entrepreneurs throughout the first stages of product development, solving challenges and sparking innovation is our main driver.


Taking risks, moving fast, and being bold is part of our DNA. We wanted to influx those traits into real estate and transform the traditional character of the industry, opening the window for change.

Through our interdisciplinary 360 approach interconnecting research, design, marketing and technology, our efforts are centred around creating added value for assets, residents, companies, cities and society at large.


Spatial Experience is a place full of positive futurists, change-makers and do-ers, who care about what they do and are ready for any challenge. Would you like to join us on the journey towards the future of living?

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