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We experienced housing crisis and recognised the struggle of real estate stakeholders to adapt to the fast-changing industry.
Equipped with that experience, we decided to build a purpose-driven ecosystem around buildings and communities, designed to accommodate future citizens.


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Spatial Experience (SPX) is an experience-driven innovative hub focused on shaping the future of living.

We bring creativity and innovation to emerging real estate sectors with one goal in mind: designing purposeful spaces that enable human-to-human interactions, both online and offline.

We spread our knowledge and expertise across the industry through our all-around ecosystem.


At SPX we discover the opportunities in the emerging sectors of real estate and find tailored-made solutions that will help businesses' grow, while creating meaningful networks with other industry players. We mix the modern world’s creative business solutions with the current world’s challenges to deliver inspiring results.

We envision cities of 2050 as smart urban spaces, attractive economic hubs for international citizens and emotional bonding centres, where communities and buildings create one unified ecosystem. By enhancing the spatial experience and providing meaningful solutions for urban spaces, we make people feel more connected, included and noticed.


Our actions are defined by the common understanding of the vision of the future. The way how we live, work and travel is continually changing. Awaking sincere emotions in the urban landscape helps to create meaningful relationships. Designing experience-driven spaces that enable human-to-human interactions brings back happiness & makes us feel an important part of something greater than ourselves.

By enhancing the spatial experience and providing solutions for urban spaces, we want to make people feel more connected, included & noticed.



Spatial Experience is a pool of ambitious, young, experienced and internationally-oriented players with various superpowers. Our team consists of visionaries, forward-thinkers, doers, designers, animators, strategists, marketers and business developers.

We cooperate with talented software developers and experienced researchers on various occasions. As versatility, growth-driven attitude & result-orientation proved to be the drivers of our success, our roles are flexible depending on the current challenge.

What unites us are shared values, the willingness to provide prime and bespoken services and added value. We love breaking standards & creating new, positive and sustainable business solutions.

We are positive futurists.
We are change-makers, forward-thinkers and do-ers.
We are envisioning communities and buildings as one unified ecosystem.
We are improving the sense of local & global communities.
We are creating impactful solutions for real estate alternative sectors.
We are transforming the future of living through Spatial Experience.
We are SPX.

Would you like to join us on the journey towards the future of living?