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Student Housing & PBSA

Student Housing is a type of residential accommodation targeting students enrolled in higher education institutions. The providers of student housing are both public, such as the Universities themselves, and private.
In order to meet the needs of the new generation of students, student housing evolved into its mature version: Purpose-Built Student Accommodation. PBSA is a type of student housing that focuses on high standards, convenience, flexibility and community. Students usually live in an individual studio, but share numerous amenities with other tenants such as study rooms, coworking areas, gyms, entertainment rooms etc. Additional services differ broadly from one development to another, but the most common features are certainly a reception/conciergerie, 24h security and community events & activities.

Coliving & PBSL

Coliving is a type of privately managed residential accommodation mainly targeting young professionals, freelancers, digital nomads, international students and, in general, millennials.
Coliving spaces were born as a result of the sharing economy and the need to find an affordable, but central accommodation, which is also fostering a strong sense of community. As for PBSA, coliving buildings consist of a combination of private studios or apartments and various shared facilities. Leases are quite flexible and the tenant can generally move in and out whenever he wants.
As there is no fixed formula, there are numerous coliving models around the world all different from one another, and many more are being created regularly. In recent times developers are expanding the coliving concept to target a broader intergenerational audience. New premises of this type can be defined as Purpose-Built Shared Living (PBSL). In a recent SPX Lab article we defined how we arrived at the PBSL model, starting from the development of student housing and coliving. You can read the full article here.

Remote Work & Stay

Remote Work & Stay is a shared living format for people looking to make a change in their life. It offers housing and short-term living solutions in remote hubs in strategically connected locations, with comprehensive infrastructures and services.
This emerging segment within the shared living asset class addresses the needs of an ever growing group of individuals looking for quiet, silent spaces that enable them to fully focus, connect with the local community and reconnect with their most basic needs. Remote Work & Stay hubs are built nearby urban centers, close to or inside rural villages or in remote locations, within reach of transportation hubs, enabling residents to take advantage of city-like resources, while enjoying a peaceful and grounded way of living in a characterful community.
The Remote Work & Stay living offer blends quality accommodation, working spaces, a digitally connected remote location, easy access to urban centers or transportation hubs, facilities, services, and an authentic living experience embedded in the local community.