Being an interdisciplinary innovation hub, we prioritise our focus on bringing a niche yet diverse expertise into each aspect of our work within specialist real estate.

SPX is an innovation hub for specialist real estate, working in the intersection of design, marketing, technology and research to shape the future of living. We are distinguished by our extensive knowledge and years of working experience with specialist real estate assets such as student housing, coliving, coworking, hospitality brands & other concepts.

We bring our expertise and knowledge of the target’s needs to real estate investors, asset managers, developers, operators, among others, to ensure that the schemes that they develop are truly elevating the lives of the future citizen by creating experience-driven concepts, products and solutions.

We combine the best in class solutions of these specialised industries to create a winning formula


By combining the best-in-class solutions for specialised real estate assets, we help you adapt to the fast-changing industry and excel among your industry competitors. We are distinguished by our extensive knowledge and years of working experience with specialist real estate assets, such as student housing, coliving and hybrid hospitality, among others.

Student Housing & PBSA

Modern students more often choose to live in an individual studio, while having access to numerous amenities with other tenants such as study rooms, coworking areas and gyms, among others. By focusing on convenience, flexibility and community, we can help you to successfully launch a new concept, elevate your existing student housing brand to current standards and secure your strong positioning in the market.

Coliving & PBSL

Coliving was born as a result of the sharing economy and the need to find affordable accommodation with a strong sense of community. The role that brands have in supporting the creation of communities is fundamental as people tend to follow the need for belonging to a group with common interests. SPX supports its clients in the full spectrum of branding, business development, design and marketing-related activities to help roll-out their brand and take the overall customer experience to new heights.

Hybrid Hospitality

While combining elements of coworking, coliving, restaurants, wellness spaces, and more with traditional hotel experiences, hybrid hospitality creates spaces that are dynamic and multifunctional, allowing brands to cater to a variety of needs. In order to successfully enter a competitive market like this one, it is crucial to understand the intricacies of such a model. Years of experience with hybrid models allows us to help you be more agile and stay ahead of your competitors.

Remote Work & Stay

Remote Work & Stay businesses can strengthen remote communities, rural villages, and local economies, and offer residents a new, connected and grounded way of living. Through our niche expertise, we support Remote Work & Stay businesses throughout every step of the business and product development process, in the full spectrum of strategy, concept, branding, design and marketing-related activities.

Emerging Real Estate

As real estate is evolving quickly, specialist segments started to flourish in the market to address various societal needs. Innovative solutions are crucial to address and try to solve different housing challenges (i.e. shortage of available spaces, increase of ageing population, etc). Since new alternative assets are being created everyday, we are always on the look for the most innovative and sustainable real estate concepts.

Interdisciplinary Innovation Hub

We believe that the future of the built environment will be more sustainable, prosperous and inclusive, if we - as professionals and humanity - work towards it together. With our 360° solution, we cover the full scope of pre-development, management and commercialisation of your specialist real estate, becoming your long-term strategic and creative partner.

In doing so, we stimulate cross-industry innovation and fusion across four domains: research, design, branding & marketing and technology, to overcome the industry hurdles.


We research, educate and provide access to specialised market insights, while continuously exploring new tools and approaches. Our partners receive a solid foundation for product development, rooted in data, and thorough market research.


Design is the core of our DNA, whether it comes to business or creative processes. We use design-thinking and growth-driven design as our leading methodologies in business, design, asset & goodwill creation and development of new products, services and experiences.

Branding & Marketing

Creating meaningful brands and connecting them with the audience is an art itself that requires creativity and relevant market knowledge. Years of experience working with large real estate companies as well as start-ups allowed us to become fluent in the commercialisation of real estate.


The main disruptor in all areas and accelerators of growth, technology, is the main enabler for bespoke experiences and operations. We remove innovation barriers by using the latest prototyping & MVPing techniques, no-code/ low-code solutions and other digital tools for productivity, efficiency and creativity.


We are an innovation hub, ready to be your business partner, providing you with the latest trends and hassle-free experience from our diverse team of experts. By combining years of knowledge and expertise, we are able to offer a comprehensive set of services that covers the full asset lifecycle, as well as provide ongoing support to your team.



Full service & product solutions from research and product design & development to branding.


We focus on delivering tangible results that add value to businesses, brands and society at large.


An extensive experience and proven track record in student housing,  coliving & other specialist real estate sectors.


Ambitious, experienced and internationally oriented talent pool with industry expertise.


We are your long-term partners in business. The relationships we make are based on trust, openness and transparency.


We are always on top of latest trends, technologies and industry developments.