Student Housing & PBSA

Years of experience in developing student housing & PBSA concepts that are elevating the way students live, work and connect.


As we are millennials, we care about the wellbeing of students and about the right of having affordable, high-standard accommodation in the cities they wish to study in. SPX helped to push the boundaries of the PBSA asset class in Europe during its early stages and is now continuing to deliver memorable experiences to student housing providers and operators.


Student housing has always been a necessity, but in recent years we are witnessing a renewed attention on this alternative asset class due to the increase of the student population, urbanisation challenges and the rise of international mobility. These factors contributed to shape the modern student requirements and led to the creation of Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA).

PBSA is designed to address the enhanced student needs and is usually located next to Higher Educational Institutions or either public transports. They differ from regular student dormitories by offering individual high standard furnished units characterized by flexible lease agreements and shared amenities. These amenities are specifically tailored for students and they can include laundry rooms, studying areas, fitness centers, swimming pools, sport courts, gaming spaces. Sometimes PBSAs also include commercial facilities such as convenient stores, bars and restaurants. Generally tenants have an all-inclusive bill, that comprise the rent, the utilities and all the additional services provided.

The property is managed by operators that are taking care of the student’s well-being and comfort, while organising activities, conferences and events for community building purposes. Community is the central element of PBSA to the extent that is what determines its success. Students are often studying outside of their hometown and being away from their families and friends often brings to loneliness issues. Living within a warm and inclusive community fosters individual happiness and represents an extremely attractive opportunity for the new generation of students. Moreover, the PBSA model is contributing to the creation of Smart Urban Hubs, advanced urban environments driven by an optimisation approach. Smart Cities connect governments, society, technology and innovation to develop better environments and improve the quality of life of local communities. This process is accelerated by young talents and the attraction of students which, next to professionals, are essentially “the fuel” of the city (and of its innovation). The current available supply of PBSA is far from being sufficient. Students, but in general every segment, are being affected by an undeniable affordable housing shortage. The demand is so strong that in their 2019 Student Housing Report Bonard indicated student housing as the #1 alternative asset class for investors looking at this year.


SPX is well-known within the international alternative real estate industry as a brand accelerator. Our main activities include branding, business development, digital marketing and the creation of design materials, but we tailor our offer to every specific work case.

We collaborated to brand, design and support some of the most important student housing brands in Europe such as The Student Hotel, OurCampus by Greystar and Staytoo Apartments by MPC Capital, among others. We have also been collaborating with The Class of 2020 since 2012, helping to shape their visual identity, designing their annual reports as well as supporting their marketing & community management projects.