Remote Work & Stay

As the interest for unique living experiences soars, remote work & stay surfaces as a concept for those looking for a quiet way of living, while contributing to placemaking in non-urban areas.


We have been growing unique living brands in the past decade and have learned to anticipate the trends. Most importantly, we became skilled in distinguishing the real opportunities that will shape the future of living and strived to make them happen. We believe Remote Work & Stay businesses can strengthen remote communities, rural villages, and local economies, revitalise spaces and offer residents a new, connected and grounded way of living.


Remote Work & Stay is a living solution that addresses the diverse housing & short term living needs of those who are ready to make a change in their way of living. This unique living concept consists of creating a remote hub that offers modern living infrastructure on an authentic, idyllic and strategically connected location. Here, like-minded people can share a space to connect with each other and nature, while focusing on what matters most to them.

As an emerging living concept, Remote Work & Stay hubs are situated within access to transportation hubs or just enough distance from urban centres so that residents can enjoy silence, concentrate on personal projects, discover more about themselves and reconnect with their basic needs, but close enough so that they are still able to take advantage of transportation hubs and the resources offered by urban centres.

The interest for alternative working and living solutions has increased considerably in the last decade mostly driven by digital nomads, millennials and Gen Z. These groups, thirsty for experiences, flexibility and convenience, are pushing the demand for innovative business models that blend hospitality, housing and office spaces.

The demand for unique living experiences has increased far beyond the traditional digital nomad and bleisure traveller and COVID-19 has increased people’s interest in remote destinations. Each day more individuals are opting for a purposeful living alternative that provides more than a restful and / or exotic temporary stay. As the interest for new living concepts grows, the segmentation of modern living businesses intensifies. Remote Work & Stay hubs are unique living solutions specially crafted for those that want experiences, convenience and flexibility, but are also looking for a peaceful context, a slow life rhythm, closer to nature and to one’s self.

Businesses which are modelled as Remote Work & Stay are hubs that create a unique living offer blending the following elements:

  • Quality accommodation;
  • Configurable and well-equipped working spaces;
  • Digitally connected remote location, within rural or suburban setting;
  • Easy access to urban centres or international transportation hubs;
  • Infrastructure with a selection of facilities and services;
  • Inclusive and authentic living experiences that embed residents into the local community and connect them with the local environment.

Remote Work & Stay hubs are instrumental in revitalising villages and unique natural ecosystems, and incrementing the housing offer near satellite cities. By attracting remote workers looking for a quiet life in an idyllic environment, closer to nature, such living solutions help in placemaking and strengthening local economies as well as communities.

To ensure the success of this unique business model, it is fundamental to build a real connection and exchange system between local communities, their ecosystem and its Remote Work & Stay hub. This will guarantee that residents feel grounded and nurture a true sense of belonging. Furthermore, it will make sure the hub becomes a pillar within the surrounding communities, supporting local development and identity.


In recent years, Spatial Experience has been actively observing and researching how coliving & coworking hubs in remote settings are being developed. Through our expertise in the shared living industry and understanding of placemaking strategies, we became able to give comprehensive support to coliving & coworking blended hubs built in remote settings to attend to the growing demand for remote living spaces. SPX has been following the increasingly diversified needs for specialised living solutions since it started supporting businesses within the sector, nearly a decade ago. The rise of Remote Work & Stay hubs is a natural development of the alternative real estate asset class.

Through its unique expertise in the shared living industry and emerging real estate concepts, SPX is able to support Remote Work & Stay business throughout every step of the business and product development process, in the full spectrum of strategy, concept, branding, design and marketing-related activities. SPX plans, executes and follows the complete roll-out of their brands to ensure business goals are achieved and a heightened customer experience is delivered.