Fresh Rebrand Challenge: Building a connected community at OurCampus


In 2018 we were commissioned to revamp the existing brand Campus Diemen Zuid and create a new brand identity that could be easily adopted by the existing site, alongside with a new website and a comprehensive set of marketing materials. As new generations drive changes with their preferences,
brands need to constantly keep pace in order to stay  

fresh in consumers’ minds. The existing brand (CDZ) needed a contemporary, fun and fresh look & feel that would reflect the lifestyle of the target market of Millennials & Gen Z students in order to obtain
a competitive edge in the Dutch student housing market.


From an extensive revamp of existing brand concept to user-friendly website and engagement-driven social media & event strategies – we helped OurCampus come to life as a contemporary and vibrant brand that appeals to the target market of Millennials & Gen Z students.

The rebranded identity and visual language were created around the key messages of comfort, convenience and sustainable urban lifestyle.


We supported OurCampus Amsterdam Diemen with a complex rebranding process to help communicate new brand effectively, connect with its target audience and create a stunning & mesmerizing experience. The first step we took in creating a new look was changing the name ‘Campus Diemen Zuid’

to OurCampus Amsterdam Diemen’– a brand name with a welcoming and inclusive personality, more attractive to the target audience of students. Initial brand guidelines included the selection of its distinctive primary colours and script font among other brand essentials.

ourcampus logo animation
SPX Agency Work: OurCampus Colour Tropical SunriseSPX Agency Work: OurCampus Colour Ocean Wave
ourcampus brand manual by spx agency
ourcampus icons
ourcampus icons
ourcampus icons
SPX Agency Work: OurCampus Door hangerSPX Agency Work: OurCampus merchandising tote bagSPX Agency Work: OurCampus Merchandising, bookSPX Agency Work: OurCampus Business Card


With the fresh brand and visual identity in place, the next step was the extension of rebranding to other existing elements such as signage, merchandising and marketing collateral. In collaboration with the on-site team we categorised all essential items that needed to

be replaced in the process of rebranding. Nonetheless, utmost care was taken to recycle and re-utilise any material or existing asset and by doing so, applying our sustainable and pragmatic work approach.

ourcampus amsterdam diemen brochure
SPX Agency Work: OurCampus Launch cards
SPX Agency Work: OurCampus Posters
ourcampus amsterdam diemen poster
ourcampus amsterdam diemen poster
SPX Agency Work: OurCampus social media Instagram feed
SPX Agency Work: OurCampus social media posts


In essence, student housing is about community, therefore in order to keep students involved, engaged and updated on all of the brands’ digital touchpoints, we crafted & executed consistent digital marketing and media strategies. We managed the organic social media and content marketing for OurCampus in the brand deployment phase (from November 2018 to April 2019). During this period of time, we managed to create a cohesive visual communication for the social media channels and establish the brand’s signature style as well as connect with the target audience.



With goals to increase OurCampus’s brand awareness and boost engagement with current residents, we supported OurCampus with comprehensive event strategy starting from concept development and planning, to promotion and completion.

Marketing strategies for each event were broken down to ‘pre-event’, ‘during event’ and ‘post-event’ phases, supported with copywriting and visuals creation. Each event activation was carried out through marketing mediums such as social media, website & facebook event pages, newsletter and blog posts.

SPX Agency Work: OurCampus Barcelona here we come banner


With the fresh brand and visual identity, the next step was the design & development of a more user-friendly website as well as on-brand styling & integration of rental platform. From eye catching visuals to virtual tours and other functionalities – we crafted a website that enhances user journey and is optimised for lead generation & conversion.

Digital marketing tools were set up to enable monthly & weekly reporting, while additional widgets such as events were put in place to foster engagement & community building on the website. We also assisted in creating keyword-rich UX copy as well as overseeing the SEO optimisation of the website on a monthly basis.


One of the most interesting aspects in such rebranding project was to design a signage that can be easily applied to an existing space and transform the way target audience experiences the brand and space.
We designed exterior (campus wayfinding system), roof-top and interior signage concepts that would

smoothly bring the new brand alive and encourage residents and site visitors to connect and relate with the space they live in.OurCampus logo is now visible day and night (in various RGB colours), and brings a vibrant and young character to an upcoming vibrant residential area in Amsterdam Diemen.

SPX Agency Work: OurCampus Signage projectSPX Agency Work: OurCampus logo faviconSPX Agency Work: OurCampus Signage project
SPX Agency Work: OurCampus outdoor logo gif
ourcampus ourdomain outdoor signageSPX Agency Work: OurCampus logo on the glassSPX Agency Work: OurCampus reception, hallSPX Agency Work: OurCampus door with pattern
SPX Agency Work: OurCampus building with logoSPX Agency Work: OurCampus building with logoourcampus ourdomain external street signageourcampus street signage


With the new changes already in place around OurCampus Amsterdam Diemen, OurCampus is shaping a truly connected community, enabling current & potential residents to start living the brand.

The impact of our work resulted in an increase of conversions by over 170%, a base of 32K users, more than 243K page views, and website traffic for more than 100 countries.

SPX Agency Work: OurCampus building with logoSPX Agency Work: OurCampus buildingSPX Agency Work: OurCampus logo on the glassSPX Agency Work: OurCampus Amsterdam Diemen glass


  • Rebranding Strategy
  • Competitor & Market Trends Analysis
  • Target Audience Analysis & Assumptions


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand System
  • Visual Communication


  • Digital Strategy & Audit
  • Website Design & UX
  • Website Development & Booking Engine Integration
  • VR Apartment Tour Integration
  • Social Media Setup & Management
  • SEO & Google products
  • Analytics & Reporting


  • Brand & Marketing Collateral
  • Print Design
  • Interior & Exterior Signage
  • Merchandising