Strategic expansion from BTS to BTR

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The Polish industry leader in providing solutions for the residential real estate market, REDNET Property Group, opted to expand its activities from Built-to-Sell (BTS) to the Built-to-Rent (BTR) sector. Based on the niche expertise, Spatial Experience provided REDNET with strategic and creative guidance for this journey to support in building credibility and value.


Increasing company's recognition on the international arena

With nearly 20 years of experience in the Built-to-Sell (BTS) residential market, the REDNET Property Group decided to broaden its operations to the Built to Rent (BTR) sector. To build a strong foundation for its transition into this new exciting chapter and align all the stakeholders, REDNET needed an effective and comprehensive brand strategy that would lead the direction of the brand, effectively communicating its new positioning through all its touchpoints and across its ecosystem. The final goal was to increase the company's recognition on the international arena to draw the attention of potential partners and investors.


Designing an in-depth brand strategy

We first performed an extensive brand presence audit, a complete market scan and thorough benchmark research. After completing this detailed assessment and gaining a broad understanding of the group’s needs, an in-depth brand strategy was carefully designed to fully support REDNET reaching its strategic goals. This well-rounded brand strategy put a strong branding at the core resulting in a new brand architecture with timeless identity rooted in the concept of ‘Connecting the dots’ - the ability to combine facts and to intuitively understand the customer needs is thus inscribed into the company's identity through connected dots. We then translated the new brand strategy and identity into visual design of the website, stationary design, corporate brochure and corporate video, ensuring cohesive communication across various online and offline touchpoints.

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Repositioning REDNET as a leading BTS market player

Introducing a new brand system and aligning communication helped REDNET reposition from being not only a leading BTS market player but also a future-oriented BTR developer. It also helped lead the direction of the group, reunite internal stakeholders and increase employee engagement. Moreover, the strategic approach adopted by Spatial Experience to address REDNET’s needs empowered the leading polish real estate player in its path to achieve its core business goals through an overarching set of tools / solutions that can communicate their strategic focus for many years to come.


“The choice of Spatial Experience (SPX) was due not only to practical reasons such as the range of high quality assortment offered by the company but what is more important a broad understanding of our needs as a customer.

Their expertise in real estate shows utmost value in creating an effective brand strategy, identity development and its execution during brand deployment.

SPX shows professionalism, experience and high quality of services as well as reliability of the staff. Based on successful cooperation we can recommend SPX as a reliable business partner.”

Michał Kosyrz, Founder & Managing Director