Creative and branding support to MPC Capital to develop and elevate Staytoo Apartments as new brand and player in the German student housing market, as well as promote the openings of 5 different locations.


In 2016, MPC Micro Living Services GmbH entered the market of PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation),  a new segment of its Real Estate portfolio. There was a need to create a totally new brand and player in the German student housing market. Strong branding was

essential to appeal to the target group of student and young professionals. The launch and planned openings of new locations created momentum for MPC Micro Living Services to build the brand & marketing assets and deliver the properties to German market.


A new brand, Staytoo Apartments was brought to life. Starting from the brand’s birth we became the partner in developing the brand strategy, creative direction, visual identity and brand guidelines. We built the Staytoo websites, organised photo shoots and video production to

make sure the brand values are visible and communicated on all platforms.For almost 4 years we have been supporting Staytoo with various B2B and B2C marketing activities to highlight the advantages of the Staytoo student lifestyle.

staytoo logo
staytoo locations logos
staytoo apartments nuremberg logo in red
staytoo apartments leipzig logo in red
staytoo apartments kaiserslautern logo in red
staytoo apartments bonn logo in red
staytoo apartments berlin logo in red
Staytoo color palette
staytoo color palette
SPX Agency Work: StayToo typography
SPX Agency Work: StayToo typography
SPX Agency Work: StayToo typography
staytoo apartments brand manual


Attention to strong & consistent messages in branding is a key element of any successful brand. In order to unify Staytoo’s brand message we thoroughly applied consistency throughout various media, both online and offline.

A coherent visual & spatial language was created which application still today adds value and strengthens brand recognition.


To accompany brand identity of Staytoo Apartments further, we developed custom iconography

that is utilised and rolled out across various design & marketing materials such as stationery, wall graphics, way-finding and signage, among others.

staytoo icons
staytoo apartments full stationery
SPX Agency: Staytoo Merchandising, three guys and red bag
staytoo branded merchandising sunglasses and tote bag
staytoo branded merchandising hoodie and t-shirt
SPX Agency Work: Staytoo brochure


End customer (especially new generations, Gen Y & Z) trust brands they recognise.To achieve the desired level of brand engagement and success, we supported

Staytoo in the creation of its marketing collateral and merchandise. Our goal: form a strong & lasting relation between the brand and its costumers on a personal level.

staytoo apartments trifold leaflet


From the very beginning we supported Staytoo with the roll out of their social media channels. We developed creative guidelines, produced strong visual content & guided our client on how to engage with its audience by usage of the “Stay____” concept.

This playful and inviting concept allowed our client to connect with people at different touchpoints and stand out from the crowd. “StayConnected”, “StayTogether”, “StayLikeALocal”, are all examples of creating resonance with target audience and building community.

group of young people talking in staytoo apartments
staytoo social media instagram feed


During our collaboration with Staytoo Apartments, we have delivered two websites for two different target groups. The first website ( was designed and developed in 2016 to target students searching for quality and all-inclusive student apartments within a vibrant international community. The second website ( was created in 2017 to target business stakeholders of Staytoo Apartments, encompassing information on vision & mission, concepts, locations, apartments and etc.

Each website was built with a focus on responsive & interactive design and was accompanied by additional features such as newsletter, blog, direct booking functionality and dual language, ensuring that user experience is seamless from the start till the end. To bring more attention to Staytoo’s core offerings and keep users engaged, we visually styled each of the websites with high quality photography, videography and VR tours, keeping each element consistent with the brand identity.

staytoo website showcase in mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet


From the idea through concept development and production to post-production, we carried out end-to-end production for Staytoo Apartments to convey its message and build resonance with its target audience.
We were involved every step of the way, ensuring that

Staytoo’s story comes to life in dynamic and engaging way. The whole creative process was executed in two phases and encompassed extensive lifestyle and interior photography & videography.

The first shooting was organised prior to opening of Staytoo Apartments in Munich, where we took photos and recorded videos in the showroom that resembled soon to be ready apartments.

To create an impression of Staytoo’s lifestyle, we selected models and captured moments that evoke emotional responses in target audience. The second shooting took place at Staytoo’s first location, Nuremberg, where we had a bigger array of possibilities to convey extended feeling and messaging of Staytoo Apartments.

With the existing venues provided, we were able to get current residents involved in the production and capture genuine moments of excitement and joy.

This opportunity created momentum for us to bring in “New Media” as a service, providing creative solutions encompassing the creation of Google Street View Maps, VR tours, 360 degree interior tours and drone shoot among others.

staytoo lifestyle photography project
staytoo apartments drone photography shooting
virtual reality vr tours work for staytoo apartments


In real estate signage plays a big role. We believe in the importance of consistently portraying the brand in every aspect of the experience of the costumer.By bringing the brand to real life and connecting with residents through the

space they live in, we strengthen the brand message & values. Inclusive brand lifestyle #instagrammablemoments supported by signage can be an incentive for brand engagement and organic support of brand ambassadors.

SPX Agency Work: StayToo signage
SPX Agency Work: StayToo signage
SPX Agency Work: Staytoo logo on the buildingSPX Agency Work: Staytoo signage floorplansSPX Agency Work: Staytoo signage floor 4SPX Agency Work: Staytoo indoor signage map
SPX Agency Work: Staytoo signage floorsSPX Agency Work: Staytoo signage mailboxSPX Agency Work: Staytoo logo on buildingSPX Agency Work: StayToo indoor signage


Staytoo Apartments became a known brand in the German student housing sector with its strong existence and seamless branding both online and offline. Five locations (Nuremberg, Bonn, Kaiserslautern, Leipzig, Berlin) are already

in full operation with over 1000 apartments being available for both national and international students. Currently, Staytoo is seeking to expand to other countries and make Staytoo Apartments an international player.


"Staytoo Apartments is working together the SPX Agency since 2015. Our SPX experience is beyond the mere provision of marketing services. It is the level of service, customer care and the willingness to collaborate that makes them really standout. Their huge knowledge about real estate markets especially on student housing come along with valuable experience on brand building and communication channels to generation Y and Z target groups. At the same time SPX accepts and masters challenges to work on tight schedules and/or budget while keep focussing on value and future improvements. Therefore it is a pleasure working with them on an professional and personal level."

Marco Lotichius
Head of Marketing & Brand Management

The best in class Awards 2018 co-revolution
Recognition of Staytoo brand within PBSA industry on international level led to winning “The Class Best Co-Revolution Award 2018” given by The Class of 2020.
spx agency the best in class awards 2018 co-revolution for staytoo apartments


  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning


  • Logo Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Communication


  • Digital Audit
  • Website Design & UX
  • Website Development
  • SEO & Google products setup


  • Brand & Marketing Collateral
  • Photography (Interior, Exterior, Lifestyle)
  • Videography
  • Print Design
  • Signage
  • Merchandising


  • 360 Photography
  • VR Tours Creation
  • Drone Photo & Video shoot