Urban living is elevated to new standards with OurDomain


In 2018, we were commissioned by Greystar to provide creative directions and further develop OurDomain, a new brand and player in the Netherlands for serviced living. The main goal was to enhance the brand concept and strategy in order to

reflect the needs and expectations of the target audience- professionals, young professionals and PhD students who lead a fast-paced urban lifestyle.
The project was impacted by the time pressure to meet planned opening dates of new locations.


From the brand concept development to user-friendly website and brand activation strategies – we helped OurDomain brand come to life and uplift it to a new standard of services living.

The brand identity and visual language were created around the key messages of comfort, convenience and feeling of home.


OurDomain approached us with initially created brand identity that was in need of enhancement at multiple levels. We developed on the existing brand identity to capture its essentials and to navigate further the creation of brand and marketing assets, allowing playfulness and respecting consistency principles. As a result, we delivered two books

(Brand Book, Brand Manual)  as well as developed additional guidelines to define and enhance the brand on all aspects: OurDomain logo & its different variations, unique characterisation of the brand colour palette concept, and extension to OurDomain’s visual universe – brand collateral, patterns, merchandising, signage among others.

ourdomain logo animation
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain Colour AgataSPX Agency Work: OurDomain Colour Panther, bikeSPX Agency Work: OurDomain Colour Nightfall, cherriesSPX Agency Work: OurDomain Colour Gerbera
ourdomain amsterdam diemen iconourdomain amsterdam south east iconourdomain rotterdam blaak icon


The process of defining and enhancing OurDomain’s brand identity started off by working in close cooperation with the client to achieve deeper understanding of the brand and its attributes. Market research was conducted to comprehend the key target audience and desired impact of the brand in the market. Next followed the development of a compelling Brand Book that starts off by telling the story of Greystar and covers OurDomain’s mission, vision and philosophy, as well as the key visual design elements used in communicating the brand message of OurDomain.
ourdomain brandbook design by spx agency
ourdomain brandbook design by spx agency


To strengthen the core brand message and its identity we concepted a set of atmospheric and unique brand photography exclusively taken for OurDomain Brand Book & Brand Manual. Flipping through the books and encountering the diverse photography intertwined with brand messages & visuals, intensifies the brand story and brings its vibrant global, urban & local feel to life.
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain, girl with flowers in a bagSPX Agency Work: OurDomain, bike and plantsSPX Agency Work: OurDomain, movementSPX Agency Work: OurDomain, wall
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain, Amsterdam canal by nightSPX Agency Work: OurDomain, Amsterdam street by nightSPX Agency Work: OurDomain, breathe neon writingSPX Agency Work: OurDomain, lights

brand manual

Alongside the Brand Book, we crafted and developed, through a process of Brand enhancement, a Brand Manual that gives a detailed rundown of rules and guidelines to each of the design elements OurDomain brand needs to be consistent in. Overall, brand guidelines were compiled into several main chapters that run through the basics of branding: right from the correct logo usage, the categorisation of colour

palettes and iconography, down to the tone of voice and communication guidelines. It also includes concise and detailed design explanations of stationery, merchandising, patterns, spatial graphics, signage and more. With all of these elements combined, Brand Manual along with Brand Book provides OurDomain
a framework of consistency which in turn leads to an establishment of a lasting brand.

ourdomain brand manual made by spx agency
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain Sport IconSPX Agency Work: OurDomain Gym IconSPX Agency Work: OurDomain fire extinguisher iconSPX Agency Work: OurDomain bike neon icon


As OurDomain’s brand identity became more defined, we applied the brand principles and brand guidelines to a vast array of brand & marketing assets which together comprehend the visual universe. We methodically designed coherent and consistent

iconography, unique patterns, merchandising, posters, rollups, stationery, and more; all with one mission in mind, to evoke the brand’s essence and its new identity.

ourdomain icons
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain icons
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain icons
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain pattern, lampSPX Agency Work: OurDomain pattern, tote bag
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain pattern, pillowSPX Agency Work: OurDomain pattern, wallpaper
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain Rotterdam Blaak thank you promotional poster
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain posters gif
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain merchandising, pencils gif
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain merchandising, pens gif
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain signage, outdoor flag gif
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain Merchandising, folder
ourdomain brandbook design by spx agency


To capture the most recent market trends and differentiation opportunities, we did a competitor analysis focused on customer journey, sales approach and brand & marketing materials (digital & print). Furthermore, few months prior to the official start of rental period, while the buildings of first OurDomain site where still under construction, we designed marketing & lease up collateral to kick off the sales of OurDomain Amsterdam Diemen.  We created a comprehensive set of fact sheets for each of the rental

options, a brochure which included all information for future residents, and showcase boards for the onsite lease up office. To ensure a seamless connection across all customer journey points, we also focused on the online communication. With goals to increase OurDomain’s brand awareness and conversion rates, what followed next was the set up of email marketing, along with the creation of a variety of email templates catered to each category in the brand’s intricate tenant selection criteria.

SPX Agency Work: OurDomain sales materials


We developed a complex and multi-page website that hosts separate landing pages for each of the brand’s properties. OurDomain website provides a clean user flow, complete conversion-optimised registration and booking forms – connected seamlessly with email marketing tools. In addition, we integrated OurDomain’s booking platform.

In order to report weekly & monthly activities on both website and other social media channels, we set up various digital marketing tools. Moreover, we assisted in creating keyword-rich UX copy and performed the SEO optimisation of the website on a monthly basis.


We designed a wide range of custom signage solutions for OurDomain, starting from way-finding (both indoor and outdoor), to wall and window spatial graphics. With all of the elements remaining coherent with OurDomain’s brand identity, signs were

designed to serve several purposes: promoting, directing, drawing target audience’s attention and maximising OurDomain’s brand visibility and recognition.

SPX Agency Work: OurDomain Signage guideline
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain signageSPX Agency Work: OurDomain door signageSPX Agency Work: OurDomain signage outdoorSPX Agency Work: OurDomain floor signage
SPX Agency Work: OurDomain building render with big lettersSPX Agency Work: OurDomain ourcourt basketballSPX Agency Work: OurDomain indoor logoSPX Agency Work: OurDomain building with logo

Over the course of 10 months we collaborated with Greystar to shape and uplift the OurDomain brand to a new standard of serviced living. The impact of our work resulted in over 2K leads, a base of 20K users, page views exceeding 120K

and website traffic for traffic for more than 90 countries. We are gratified to have been part of this journey and look forward to seeing the brand growing and expanding.

SPX Agency Work: OurDomain brochuresSPX Agency Work: OurDomain indoor signageSPX Agency Work: OurDomain building with logoSPX Agency Work: OurCampus Amsterdam Diemen glass
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