As the internet has become a global means of communication in our everyday lives, we are witnessing the growth of online platforms for real estate and the importance of digital marketing efforts to reach and convert the modern target group, ranging from Millennials and Generation Z to older generations and blended communities

Digital Strategy & Customer Journey


The future is digital, this is why no business can think of going to market without a digital strategy. You need to drive your focus towards utilising technologies to improve your business performance and create new competitive advantages and connect with your audience. A digital strategy will map  every step of your clients’ customer journey to make sure relevant digital touchpoints are considered to maximise conversion and ensure a memorable experience.

  • Boost your performance and meet your goals
  • Thrive in a digitally-first world
  • Meet the customers where they spend most of their time
  • Build memorable experiences online
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Ensure your presence with your target(s) at every digital touchpoint

It all starts by asking the right questions:  what is the status of your business? Where is your asset located and what is around it? Who are the people that will be attracted and what do they crave for?

We trace the customer journey of your B2B and / or B2C stakeholders and customers and deliver on a winning digital strategy to reach them, arouse their interest, convert them and make sure they become your next brand ambassadors.

Social Media


Social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Most of your customers will find you and interact with your brand through a social network before they reach your website, hence the relevance to have a social media presence in place that helps you achieve the desired results.

  • Creating a social media strategy will help you understand the landscape of social networks and how your target interacts with them, and will give you all the ingredients to create the right content and trigger the engagement with your audience.
  • Social media is one of the best tools to start brand activation and create a community of loyal brand ambassadors.
  • Strengthen and consolidate your brand and visibility
  • Support conversion goals

We can fully serve your brand or be a further support to your team members in:

  • Evaluation of current Social Media
  • Social Media Strategy and set up
  • Content Creation: concepts, captions, visuals
  • Social Media Management: scheduling, posting, engagement
  • Online Community Management
  • Social Listening, Analytics & Reporting

Performance Marketing


Although a lot can be achieved through organic digital marketing techniques, online advertising can give a significant boost to the visibility of your brand. As there are multiple channels offering paid advertisements, it might be overwhelming to choose the right one for your brand while managing your budget wisely. By monitoring, and constantly optimising your campaigns, you will be able to meet your conversion goals effectively.

  • Scale up your reach
  • Achieve conversion goals faster
  • Enter new markets with lower risks
  • Maximise ROI
  • Funnel your results and create trends for the next sales

With a proven track record of supporting real estate businesses in achieving their conversion goals, we will be able to develop a paid ads plan starting from forecasting your sales funnel (according to the given budget), to a message matrix based on the See - Think - Do - Care approach. We combine the right message, with the best performing visuals and paid media tactics. Constant optimisation and reporting on findings and results will ensure the maximisation of ROI.

Email Marketing


Email Marketing is an essential touchpoint in the customer journey and it is an extremely versatile tool. A good planning will make it one of your best allies: either when crafting a stand alone communication to reach multiple stakeholders at the same time, or while setting up automatic flows to make sure prospects and clients feel nurtured.

Email Marketing is nonetheless the most effective tool to nurture your community and build a database of contacts, which is an asset on its own.

  • Convert and smoothly inspire the prospect to make the right choice: complete the booking
  • Communicate directly with your prospects and keep the brand at the top of their minds
  • Inform your target about the milestones and facilitate their engagement with the brand
  • Promote events, campaigns, share surveys and stay connected with your residents/guests, turning them into loyal, enthusiastic ambassadors

We support and empower your marketing team in driving outstanding results: from email marketing strategy to practical workshops and email automation tools set up; from copywriting and designing to analysis of users flows and reporting.

Content Marketing


Content marketing is a universe that revolves around one central point: your story.

A good content marketing plan includes all the techniques necessary to create creative content and an effective storytelling that will guide your audience into care, and effectively turn goals into achievements.

  • Engage with your audience(s)
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Position as an industry leader
  • Empathise with your audience tapping into their needs and position your brand as the solution
  • Stay relevant in the constantly changing landscape
  • Maximise reach and engagement
  • Curated content for the relevant media
  • Improve Google ranking with optimal SEO techniques
  • Enhance media visibility

To write about something, you must be able to understand it, feel it and express it in the right words. We start by understanding your mission and vision, business goals and audience to support you in creating a 360 content strategy that will be applicable to each of your brand touchpoints.

From website content, social media campaigns, brand story, blogs, newsletters and more, our creative copywriters deliver content with fundamental SEO techniques in mind, but also making sure it integrates harmoniously with your tone of voice and brand identity.

Website Design & Development


An average user spends one-third of the day online, which is why a well-structured website should be the starting point of any business.

Your website is a core component of your business, it is owned media that you can control and communicate your business offering through. Moreover, it is one of the most resourceful marketing tools you may use to achieve your business goals.

Excellent User experience (UX) and outstanding User Interface (UI) design in combination with target-oriented visuals and SEO friendly copy may deliver the perfect formula for success.

  • Design and technology for a tech savvy generation
  • Map out your customer’s journey
  • Make a memorable first impression
  • Be discoverable and recognisable
  • Stand out and reach your goals with best practice User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)
  • Increase website traffic and drive sales
  • Convert viewers to bookers (B2C) or partners (B2B)

We empower you with the best digital experience for your audience, seamless integration of industry leading technologies, responsive web development and a memorable first impression.

We turn your website into a digital product that supports the digital experience you want to deliver.

  • Information Architecture and Wireframe design
  • Custom User Interface (UI) and Mobile-first User Experience (UX Design)
  • Conversion Optimisation and SEO-proof content
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • User Friendly CMS
  • Consultancy, support & maintenance

App Design & Development


A custom designed app dedicated to your residents - or guests - is an effective tool to manage the property and community life. It empowers you to provide excellent customer experience, facilitate community building and optimise on operational efforts. From BTR to serviced living, coliving or student housing and beyond, a tailored app can cater to the needs of each community type by taking the right functionalities into account.

  • Improve customer experience
  • Offer state-of-the-art communication tools to your communities
  • Stay ahead of competition with the latest trends
  • Track and measure your users behaviours and needs
  • Utilise proptech to support your operations team

Following the latest trends in mobile app design & development, we start by defining the product requirement specifications (PRS) to aid in engineering a functional and customer-centric platform. We analyse the specific needs of your residents and whether third party integrations can and should be connected to the native app, in order to support onsite operations teams with digitised services, amenities on demand management, community engagement and adding value to the living experience of your residents.