Spx agency

We Create
Real Estate Brands

The new generation of young professionals and students are changing the way we live, work and learn together.
In their fast-paced urban lifestyle, they crave comfort, convenience and more out of life.

We believe in engaging and life-fulfilling brands that positively impact the way cities of the future develop.


Over the years, we shaped and built student housing and coliving brands from their early beginnings to their grown up states.

As the creative partner in business, we closely collaborate with the internal team of our clients to bring future-proof real estate concepts to life. Always keeping the brand’s commercial targets in sight, the end goal stays dominant: the creation of comfortable living and working spaces where communities are formed with a fulfilling lifestyle.


We create and develop brands.
Our pioneering approach satisfies audience needs and meets your business objectives.

From branding, to design, to marketing, we make it our mission to elevate your brand with a full service 360° approach.

We architect, design and implement strategies which foster strong, long-term relationships between your brand and audience.

We build brand equity and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

We navigate your brand in our digital-first world. We create your strong online presence, brand visibility and ensure the return on your investment.

We find and meet your customers at every point in their journey, both online & offline, and help your brand enhance their positive experience in a real world.

In today‘s world people are overwhelmed by the information supply and messages. We help your brand cut through the clutter. Our new ways and channels capture the attention of your audience, even when your competitors’ messages don’t reach them.