space x human
= experience

Spatial Experience is here to build memorable, diverse & unique experiences, and propel them into the future of living.

"We realised the difficulty of brands to adapt fast to the constantly changing landscape of the real estate emerging sectors. Understanding the interaction between human and space helps us create state of art experiences that create value the current and future society seeks."

Future of LIVING

A great number of parties involved in student housing, coliving & coworking developments are overwhelmed with this new demand for experience-driven real estate and in need of creative services, expertise & support to take their brand to the next level and provide the value that students & professionals seek. That’s where we believe we can contribute the most value. We bring our expertise and knowledge of the needs of the target to real estate investors, asset managers, developers and operators to ensure that the schemes that they develop are truly elevating the lives of inhabitants.

smart CITies

Technology is one of the multiple factors that determine how we engage with cities. The unique character of each city consists of a mix of culture, people, architecture, nature & technology that help to make it function well. By creating a mutual relationship between citizens and advanced-tech solutions, cities can ensure a human-centric, steady growth now and in the future. Choosing innovative smart technologies remains at the core of our approach to face and solve any challenge. Ultimately, thinking holistically of a city - being one collective entity - will enable us to create one Learning City ecosystem and ensure the wellbeing of future generations.

experience driven reality

In their fast-paced lifestyle, new generations crave comfort, convenience, communication & interaction. The desire to be in an environment that engages them on a personal and professional level is extremely strong. They call for a sense of belonging, safety, wellbeing & global connectedness. 

We live ever more lonely lives in an ever more connected planet’  (Y.N. Harari). 

Designing experience-driven spaces that enable human-to-human interactions brings back happiness and makes us feel an important part of something greater than ourselves. By enhancing the spatial experience and providing solutions for urban spaces, we want to make people feel more connected, included and noticed.


The goal of investors, developers as well as real estate operators is to create a sense of attachment. Hospitality is about providing unforgettable services while being friendly, welcoming, helpful, kind and warm. Bridging the gap between hospitality & real estate sectors, enriches the lives of residents and brings back the ‘human’ factor to constructed spaces & communities. Each interaction creates an opportunity for framing a memorable and positive experience that reinforces the brand’s culture. Our work interconnects industries to convey the holistic identity of clients’ brands and generate signature spatial experiences across the entire customer journey.

Community living 
future living

More than ever, we realise that the sense of belonging, being part of a community, has a great impact on the quality of life. It is important for every person to feel a sense of community. Building a united community both in the online & offline world, can significantly change the way people live, interact & co-exist. It gives us opportunities to connect, to reach for our goals, and makes us feel safe and secure.

That’s why we want to facilitate space that enhances human interaction and enables meaningful relationships. We strive to fight loneliness and create meaningful urban societies, where people help each other, whether that is socially or professionally. Always seeing the human, city & community wellbeing in sight, the end goal stays dominant: creation of comfortable urban spaces and a culture of belonging where communities can embrace a fulfilling lifestyle.

new talents
new opportunities

Talented individuals come to cities to start a new professional or studying chapter in their life, leading to economic growth, giving rise to new opportunities, encouraging greater collaboration between internationals & locals, and shaping a new sense of inclusivity. Enhancing the spatial experience within the urban landscape strongly contributes to international talent attraction and retention.

This process will not only revolutionise how cities will develop and continue to increase their attractiveness, but will transform the living experiences of students & professionals. We aim to enable future environments, merging spaces and human capital. Creating a space, where talents can connect and grow, ultimately allows a city to flourish.

partnership based
on co-creation

We work very closely with our partners, not only to realise innovative ideas but also to assist, advise on & manage their growth at every stage of our partnership. We engage with key stakeholders through building up genuine connections. We always make sure that we deliver top-notch services and seamless customer care; our relationships are being bridged to a higher level of long-term cooperation focusing on brand loyalty and clients’ end-goals. Dedication, energy & diligence are invested into making the most out of each interaction we have.

growth driven 

Understanding the interaction between individuals and space directs us to create state-of-the-art experiences, generating added value to the current and future society. Our design thinking core methodology provides a solution-based approach to support these needs through innovation & the ability of adapting to the fast-paced developments in our modern world. We treat each case as a unique project, collecting a deep understanding of the users’ needs, desires, and preferences in order to conceptualise creative solutions that drive results to our clients.

diversity in 
sustainable development

We strongly agree with the statement by the UN's Brundtland Commission about the meaning of sustainable developments: ‘it is a development which meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’.

Sustainability extends far beyond just meeting people’s needs nowadays; it attempts to balance the needs of people today with the future needs of individuals and the natural systems that sustain all life. To achieve such a sustainable future we embrace diversity in multiple perspectives such as cultures, voices, views, beliefs and we implement these elements when crafting the cities of tomorrow. We believe that to achieve environmental, societal and financial sustainability, cities must take a contingency approach targeted to reach the best results.

future living 
starts now

As the preferences of younger generations transformed dramatically compared to the past, the traditional real estate industry needs to evolve to cater to the new needs of citizens. Sharing economy concepts that ensure flexibility, agility, freedom and inclusion such as coliving, purpose-driven student housing (PBSA), shared living, vertical housing, multi-family properties, remote and tiny living, have been flourishing in recent years and will quite certainly continue to do so.

No one can tell for sure how we will live and how cities will look like in 50 or 100 years from now, but one thing is sure: cities consist of buildings that surround everything we do, they are an inherent element of our everyday life. Our role is to bring experience design to create an ecosystem around communities & buildings in urban spaces to ensure the wellbeing of the next generations. Moreover, we deeply care about our responsibility towards the environment when designing memorable spatial experiences. Having in mind the impact of our actions will determine a successful development of cities.

We believe that future living we envision today will be the reality of tomorrow and we will play a significant role in this change.

Are you ready to shape the future of living? 
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