Hybrid Hospitality

Bringing the experience from two worlds, hospitality and rented residential, to create one of the most playful, lively and versatile forms of specialist real estate.

What is Hybrid Hospitality?

In essence, hybrid hospitality is a concept that blends together different types of hospitality, allowing for flexibility and wider variety. Hybrid hospitality combines elements of coworking, coliving, restaurants, wellness spaces, and more with traditional hotel experiences. Hybrid places are dynamic and multifunctional, allowing brands to cater to a variety of needs, which is essential in the ever-changing times like now.

Showing an immense resilience in the past 3 years of uncertainty, hybrid hospitality gained a lot of traction and attention from investors and operators worldwide. Some of the reasons hybrid hospitality is getting such a big push in recent years include the impact of COVID-19 on our societies, the rising interest in remote work & stay among the younger generations and a desire to belong to many communities, among others.

An increasing number of coliving players have already taken a decision to expand into hospitality and have shown how successful hybrid hospitality can be by combining spacious, modern coworking and coliving spaces with overnight stay.

Hybrid hospitality concept helps brands to expand its offerings, connect and grow communities, bring new life to the underutilised spaces and expand your operations to a wider demographic. Hence, it is more important than ever to go hand in hand with trend developments within specialist real estate, and understand where the market is headed next.

As hybrid hospitality is becoming a more prominent solution, pushing companies to expand their offering of physical space, we need to look further forward into building engaged brand communities and virtual experiences.


As a brand that has been involved with hybrid hospitality concepts since their inception, we understand the importance of having the right expertise in the market as diverse as this one.

Since the rise of hybrid hospitality Spatial Experience has been taking part in its evolution by working with brands such as The Student Hotel (now The Social Hub) & Ariv. Our experience in working with specialist real estate, and specifically with hybrid real estate models, provides us with tools to help you build the right message and communicate your services effectively to your target. 

If your brand is looking for guidance in the journey towards the hybrid model, Spatial Experience can help you with understanding the changing environment and strategising your future concept together with you. Our team of experts with backgrounds in branding, marketing, design, architecture and community management, supports in helping you expand and conquer the hearts of the diverse target groups.