The student Hotel

Meeting the demands of experience-driven hybrid of real estate and hospitality


The Student Hotel had a vision to create a meaningful and connected community of like-minded people.
A new, hybrid model was brought to the market: long term housing was offered to students, short stay

accommodation to professionals and hotel-like rooms for travellers, combined with facilities, coworking spaces and restaurants under one roof. Such a concept did not exist before.


In 2012 The Student Hotel reached out to us for creative support in its ambitious plans. Over the course of 2 years, SPX Team worked as the extended branch of The Student Hotel’s marketing team creating spatial and cross-media designs for both

online and offline projects. SPX delivered a plethora of B2B and B2C marketing materials, carried campaigns and prepared social media creatives, web design and offline branded materials.


Building on an initially created visual identity, such as logo, illustrations, packaging and other brand identity essentials. SPX Team assisted in the process of branding execution. In order to spread the new visual
communication of TSH among various stakeholders,

SPX managed the further development of the brand identity, making sure that TSH will become a modern, unique and  recognisable brand, as well as the preferred choice in the targets' mind, young in heart: students, young professionals and travellers.

Lobby of The Student Hotel in Amsterdam with big table and map of the citySPX Agency: The Student Hotel's "sleeping is optional" flyer
the student hotel bike sharing detailSPX Agency: The Student Hotel's paper wristbandsSPX Agency: The Student Hotel magazineSPX Agency: The Student Hotel 432 sticker
the student hotel promotional posters
SPX Agency: The Student Hotel promotional leaflet
SPX Agency: The Student Hotel promotional leaflet
SPX Agency: The Student Hotel leaflet
SPX Agency: The Student Hotel leaflet
SPX Agency: The Student Hotel magazine
black bike of the student hotel van moof
Billboard of the student hotel on the buildingThe Student Hotel outdoor banner in Amsterdam west building
SPX Agency: The Student Hotel bike parking lot signage


While establishing such disruptive concepts as
The Student Hotel, crafting a consistent visual communication is crucial. We helped preserve a unite visual representation of The Student Hotel across

different media departments, including marketing, operations, production and more. Providing correct guidelines ensured a steady and strong growth of
the brand.

Marketing &

In order to make sure that the target audience of The Student Hotel feels connected to the brand and stays engaged, we have crafted various community management materials, starting from digital marketing materials & social media graphics, through event posters & brochures, to branded merchandising.

Furthermore, to effectively market the brand and guide prospects towards booking a stay at The Student Hotel, we also created a wide range of sales and partnership materials in the form of magazine adverts, promotional brochures, flyers and leaflets, among others.

SPX Agency: The Student Hotel flyers, visual communicationSPX Agency: The Student Hotel leaflet, visual communicationshowcase of a flyer of public transport in the student hotelmen holding the student hotel leaflet in the hagueSPX Agency: The Student Hotel leaflet, visual communication


The Student Hotel was able to scale up quickly thanks to its innovative business model, creative approach and founding partners’ market expertise. The common effort of all players involved in the project, which shared knowledge, resources and creative thinking, led to the brand’s rapid growth. SPX enabled The Student Hotel to reinforce its connected community
philosophy on multiple channels both online and

offline, and appeal to its target audience of modern travellers. Since the start of the collaboration between SPX and The Student Hotel, the company was able to become an internationally recognised player, setting new standards for emerging real estate, student housing - hospitality hybrid model and a key benchmark for the PBSA market.

SPX Agency: The Student Hotel man with phone and dogSPX Agency: The Student Hotel girl with wall and blackboard with drawings behindgirl sitting in a loungeSPX Agency: The Student Hotel keychain exchangeSPX Agency: The Student Hotel #TSHLIFE Sticker


"Bart Sasim founder of SPX Agency started working for The Student Hotel in the first years of our development as an international hospitality brand, he was eager and excited to help with a broad range of design and communication challenges that we were facing. He showed himself as an enthusiastic and passionate young professional and talented designer. He has inter-disciplinary mindset which helped him to gain prime visual communication skills and apply them throughout his work for The Student Hotel."

Frank Uffen
Director of Partnerships