Our Main Takeaways from Student Housing 2022 by LD Events

London, United Kingdom

11th May 2022

Published on
August 30, 2022

Our team is back from the Student Housing 2022 Conference, which was held on the 11th of May in London by LD Events Property, an international market-leading conference and market update provider.


We feel exhilarated to be back with people, back with offline networking, and back to working together as a sector. It’s been a day full of discussions, questions, insights and networking, and we feel excited for what's to come for our sector in the near future. Having the possibility to dive deeper into the future of student accommodation and the opportunities therein as a whole, brought us clearance on the main focus points for the upcoming years and the shifting market demands.


Latest trends show that students all over the world are leaving their countries to study abroad and find new exciting experiences. It is predicted that just by 2030, 8 million international students will be enrolled at foreign higher education institutions. As a result of this shift, operators are chasing after their target to win over their hearts, but to do that, one needs to understand what truly keeps the target audience stay. Is it fast WiFi connection, larger bedrooms, on-site facilities, friendly community or maybe high Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials? The answer is: all of the above. Aware of global changes, modern students would agree to pay a premium price for the experience, up-to-the-mark accommodation and sustainable living. Moreover, 60% of investors believe good ESG credentials will improve occupancy and tenant retention, which places community, ESG and the student experience now at the heart of investment decisions.


Finally, there are still plenty of opportunities for student accommodation to improve. To make worthwhile investments into these opportunities and ensure the success of acquired assets, stakeholders need to: 

  • Implement ESG measures into the design and delivery of student housing
  • Take major strides in repurposing existing stock to meet modern environmental targets
  • Build up a solid yet agile strategy: this will allow your business to strive and quickly adapt to any rapid change in the most effective manner
  • Listen to your target audience and create successful teams that will drive great residents’ experiences

Would you like to start driving the success of your assets forward? We can become your strategic and innovative partner. Thanks to the years of niche expertise within the student housing sector (see our work with The Student Hotel, COMENTS, The FIZZ, CampusKey, OurDomain, OurCampus, StayToo), we are able to recognise future opportunities and build a brand that will stay in the hearts of your residents forever. Together, we can co-create future-proof real estate concepts, products and brands. 

Let’s collaborate.


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