SPX Studio: The first Startup Studio / Venture Builder for Emerging Real Estate

Amsterdam, 8th October, 2020

The time to revolutionise the real estate market using innovative, smart and scalable solutions has come. At Spatial Experience, we believe one of the most impactful and meaningful ways for emerging real estate to succeed is through cooperation. Anticipating the needs of the sector, Spatial Experience has created a place to foster partnerships that have already begun to transform the market: SPX Studio.

At Spatial Experience we understand the need for innovation in the real estate industry and we are pushing forward to help fill in the gap. As an innovative hub, our focus is on shaping future living in emerging real estate by designing purposeful spatial experiences.

“Experience-driven spaces encourage authentic human-to-human interactions that enhance individual quality of living and contribute to strengthening communities. At Spatial Experience, we aim to promote connection, inclusion and a feeling of belonging throughout our work.” - highlighted Bart Sasim, CEO and Founder of Spatial Experience.

The real estate industry is known for facing challenges presented by its conservative traits. With that in mind, we have recently launched SPX Studio to transform real estate through powerful collaborations. Our newest enterprise is a startup studio / venture builder, focused specifically on bridging the digital and real world by delivering ready-to-use solutions for modern real estate and urban environments. SPX Studio originated from the combination of the extensive knowledge base built by our SPX Lab and the professional expertise developed by Spatial Experience.

SPX Studio operates through building joint ventures that hold capabilities to create powerful and purposeful enterprises. Such business partnerships blend versatile and complementary resources that drive growth. Joining forces, parties are enabled to deliver high level business performance, learn with each other and evolve together. Coliving Ventures is the first impactful organisation co-created by SPX Studio. The joint venture is the result of a collaboration between four industry thought leaders operating as founding partners: Aitana de Jong and Bart Sasim from Spatial Experience, Gui Perdrix from Art of Co and Matt Lesniak from Conscious Coliving.

To shape, innovate and push tech transformation in the real estate sector - as for Coliving Ventures - SPX Studio brings together specialists from multiple areas to co-create experience-driven products and services through business development, design and technology. For SPX Studio, future-proof concepts are often bound by state-of-art design, tech innovation, optimisation and automatisation. Furthermore, we are not losing sight from our role in today’s society:

“We believe the impact of collective actions will determine the successful development of cities and we take into serious consideration our responsibility towards future societies and the environment when designing outstanding spatial experiences." - emphasises Aitana de Jong, Managing Partner of Spatial Experience.

By building ventures through smart partnerships, SPX Studio empowers sustainable transformations within cities and communities, while enabling innovation in the real estate market. If you would like to learn more about SPX Studio, visit our web page or read our full article about the launch in the third edition of Coliving Insights.

Are you a tech enabler, a think-tank or a visionary real estate investor? Get in touch to discover ways to collaborate through the email: venture@spatial-experience.com