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Welcome to SPX Lab, a research & development platform dedicated to exploring possibilities of future development. We foster thought leadership through building a meaningful community of industry professionals that are keen to share knowledge and resources to innovate real estate.

We educate and give access to specialised market research about the latest trends in the industry while persistently exploring new tools & approaches.


Disappointed by the lack of knowledge in the emerging real estate sectors and driven by the willingness of co-creating the new face & identity of the industry with its frontrunners, in 2018 we founded SPX Lab. Our platform is divided in two main sections: articles and publications.

SPX Lab Articles provide valuable information, resulting from our years of expertise in the industry, and innovative perspectives on a diverse range of topics related to the segments we are interested in. SPX Lab Publications include some of our collaborative projects, that gave life to research reports and magazines in a joint effort with various stakeholders.

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