SPX Lab releases Remote Work & Stay Publication

Amsterdam, 16th June, 2021

Our awaited first SPX Lab Publication is out!

SPX Lab is our research and development platform dedicated to exploring possibilities & concepting of future development. Our goal is to educate and give access to the specialised market research, sharing the latest trends and opportunities and going beyond by exploring new tools and approaches. SPX Lab aims to foster thought leadership and connect key players of the industry to share knowledge and expertise to innovate and develop real estate.

With our very first publication, we want to put forward the promising sector of Remote Work & Stay and its opportunities.

The pandemic triggered an entire social paradigm shift: people are leaving cities to seek new ways of living, and remote-working has become the norm for many of us. Individuals now crave for a different and purposeful lifestyle far away from the traditional 9-5 life, and flee the busy urban centers to prioritise their time with nature, get new cultural experiences, and find comfortable environments that enable personal growth.

But where are these people looking to stay away from the bustle and hustle of the city really going? Are there actually places adapted to their needs? 

Our publication Remote Work & Stay: modern living solutions beyond urban spaces gathers insights and first-hand experiences of 12 expert contributors, as well as Spatial Experience’s exploration and analysis on the following topics:

  • Remote Work & Stay: an upcoming living concept;
  • The future of work: the drivers of Remote Work & Stay;
  • Innovative remote living solutions & regenerative villages;
  • Technology for remote / rural communities;
  • Placemaking and place branding for remote hubs;
  • The user’s perspective: living remote.

SPX Lab created a real and complete asset for entrepreneurs and investors looking to start a new remote living business, a regenerative village or refitting an existing space into a living solution that addresses the needs of remote workers and digital nomads.

Get your copy now to learn all you need to know about the promising sector that is Remote Work & Stay.