The Birth of a New Chapter: Spatial Experience

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In our very first article, we talked about The Origins of SPX in order to show the world how SPX Agency was formed and how our journey began. The last sentence of the article was “Going forward, we eagerly await new challenges and opportunities to continue on our mission to create future-proof real estate brands.” Following our words, here we are, starting another exciting chapter of our history that will disrupt the real estate industry as we know it: the birth of Spatial Experience.

The foundation of SPX Agency

As we have previously mentioned, our journey started by recognising the struggle of real estate businesses to find specialised market expertise and adapt to the fast-changing industry. As an answer and after countless hours of work, our CEO Bart Sasim formed SPX Agency in 2012 in order to elevate emerging real estate concepts to reach their highest potential. Throughout the years and inspired by the energy that new generations brought into the market, we ventured out to help other players within the alternative real estate sector, helping them to grow and push the boundaries of their brands even further. 

As an innovative and creative partner in business, we closely collaborate with the internal team of our clients to bring future-proof real estate concepts to life. This is the DNA of SPX - passion, collaboration and action.

The future is experience

Being an interior architect, with specialisation in repurposing existing buildings, I was always envisioning the future of cities and urban spaces in a way that makes people feel more connected, included & noticed. There are so many abandoned buildings and forgotten urban areas worldwide that, instead of being demolished, could be redesigned to serve local communities!” - highlighted Bart Sasim.

We believe that real estate specialist assets are going to shape the urban developments of the future; our focus relies on developing such concepts and creating feasible solutions to the current housing crisis, alongside with many other societal challenges.

Now, more than ever, we realised that the world is in need of moving forward. We discerned a rising need for innovation and experience-driven solutions to detach the real estate industry from its outdated character and project it into the future. Many demographic groups, especially younger generations, are looking for spaces where they can form meaningful connections, coupled with life-fulfilling experiences. The sense of belonging has a great impact on the quality of life and building a united community both online and offline, can significantly influence the way people live, interact & co-exist.

07/07/2020: Spatial Experience is real

Fast forward to 2020, SPX has been involved and partnered up with various industry stakeholders to take a stand into shaping the future of living. Through the vast network of partners and organisations we are part of, such as Coliving Insights and Co-Liv, we create insightful content and co-organise industry events. We realised that the industry needs us due to our extensive knowledge, experience and innovative thinking within the alternative real estate sector. Hence, and almost a decade after entering the real estate world, the company is going through a game-changing transformation, again, in the middle of another huge crisis.

"For me, the crisis still remains a time when difficult decisions must be made. However, it became a metaphor of a turning point that drives transformations - the rainbow waiting to come out after the storm" – added Bart Sasim.

SPX Agency is thus evolving into something much greater: Spatial Experience - a creative innovation hub focused on shaping the future of living.  During the last few months, we have focused on developing what we envisioned for years, a unique ecosystem that accurately depicts our enhanced mission & vision. By keeping our client’s commercial targets in sight, the end goal stays dominant: the creation of extraordinary, unique living & working spaces where communities are formed with a fulfilling lifestyle.

Moreover, we strive to foster a sense of responsibility and sustainable growth in brands to positively influence the cities of tomorrow. Through our actions, we actively contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities.

We are also looking forward to automating our processes and scale our concept in order to reach an even greater audience. What we envision about real estate today will be similar to the reality of tomorrow and we will play a significant role in this change.

One unified ecosystem, three different missions

More than a Creative Agency (with a proven track record), SPX is now evolving into an innovation hub where its sub entities co-exist. We present you their missions:

  • SPX Agency helps brands adapt to the fast-changing urban landscape of the real estate industry through multiple branding, marketing, design and digital services. From concept ideation, creation, realisation, advisory to manage the growth of our clients at every step of the project. We are passionate about creating future-proof real estate brands.

  • SPX Lab enables you to explore a world of insights, educating and providing access to specialised market research about the latest trends in the industry, while persistently exploring new tools & approaches. In our publications and articles design meets technology, science meets practice and communities meet the urban landscape. Discover valuable content and connect with other forward-thinkers in the industry through our research and development platform.

  • Our newest enterprise, SPX Studio, will be launched by the end of 2020. The Studio is focused on bridging the digital & real world by delivering ready-to-use solutions for real estate and urban environments, through business development, design & technology. Stay tuned for more updates!

Our international team of interdisciplinary, ambitious and passionate professionals, we proudly work everyday to make the most out of each interaction we have. Together we envision cities of the future as smart urban spaces, attractive economic hubs for global citizens and emotional bonding centres.

We are positive futurists.

We are change-makers, forward-thinkers and do-ers.

We are enhancing the sense of local & global communities.

We are providing solutions for real estate alternative sectors. 

We are envisioning communities and buildings as one unified ecosystem. 

We are shaping the future of living. 

We are Spatial Experience.

Read more about what we stand for on our Manifesto.

To be continued...

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