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User x Coliving Experience (UCX)

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In the early days of coliving, a lack of market knowledge constrained the development of the sector. To overcome this challenge, Gui Perdrix started Coliving Diaries - a simple online platform on a mission to share insights from everyday coliving life. Spatial Experience team strategised, rebranded and repositioned this knowledge platform into an established enterprise, Art of Co., helping industry enthusiasts understand the market and launch their own coliving projects. Next to that, we translated the new visual identity into a book design of “Art of Coliving”.


Creating a successful brand in order to commercialise ongoing activities.

One of the front-runners in spreading the industry knowledge and genuine passion for coliving, Coliving Diaries aimed to transform into something greater - a global platform of coliving resources and an international consultancy practice with niche expertise and years of in-field experience. Although the idea was already rooted, there was a need to strategically turn the existing resources into a successful brand in order to showcase and commercialise ongoing activities.


Defining a new type of experience: User x Coliving Experience (UCX)

We were set to define the brand strategy and concept around the educational value - the core of Art of Co. Having understood the current market situation, trends and business model, we focused primarily on educational content about coliving and community building. The brand message - to help form and foster common and purpose-driven ecosystems - was the leading thought through the entire design process. As a result, we defined a new type of experience: User x Coliving Experience (UCX). The final brand strategy considers the experience of the coliving space user as a critical success factor. Next to creating a new brand concept & strategy and designing a new brand system and its online & offline identity, we provided strategic consulting on brand positioning and future brand development. The learnings gained from a yearlong field research study conducted in more than a hundred coliving communities were collected into one publication by Gui Perdrix - Art of Coliving. Spatial Experience contributed to the Art of Coliving book, both with a thought leadership piece as well as its unique cover design - based upon the initially setup brand system.

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Increasing industry presence, getting greater recognition & attracting new partners

The new brand identity and timeless brand architecture allow Art of Co. to grow by bringing together young professionals, community operators, industry followers and leaders who strive to stay up-to-date with best practices, trends and developments in coliving. The new branding allowed Art of Co. to get greater recognition, attract new partners and launch new services, while increasing his industry presence.


Spatial Experience has been a key player and partner in the coliving industry, and their recent projects will set a landmark. With the brand creation of Art of Co, Spatial Experience created a brand that will shape the coliving scene. Their core ability is to think brands holistically, meaning creating the right angle from the beginning, thinking longer-term for future brand adjustments and visually representing what the brand is trying to say. This differentiates SPX Agency from other agencies, who might understand branding but not the industry they are in.

Gui Perdrix, CEO