Art of Co

Impactful platform for User Community Experience (UCX) and Coliving Community Management resource.


One of the early front-runners and catalysts in spreading the industry knowledge and genuine passion for coliving, Coliving Diaries, was aiming to transform into something greater - a global platform of coliving resources and an international consultancy practice with a niche expertise, years of in-field experience.

The challenge was to strategise, rebrand and reposition the knowledge platform into an established enterprise helping industry enthusiasts understand the market and launch their own coliving projects. This is how Art of Co. came into existence.


The key focus was put on educational content on coliving and community building. We defined the brand strategy and concept around the educational value that stays in the core of Art of Co.

The brand message, to help form and foster common and purpose-driven ecosystems, was the leading thought through the entire design process.

As a result, we defined a new type of experience: User x Coliving Experience (UCX). The final brand strategy considers the experience of the coliving space user as a critical success factor.

Next to creating a new brand concept & strategy and designing the new brand system and its identity both online & offline, we provided strategic consulting on brand positioning and future brand development.


Driven by human interactions, warm and elegant, the brand identity created for Art of Co. is a built foundation for further deployment of brand assets. The playfulness of the brand name & logo lies on the extension of Co, which has been already implemented to one of Art of Co’s developments: Gui Perdrix book Art of Coliving.

Brand Architecture
Logomark is constructed of seamlessly blending ‘o’ character which evolves into sign of infinity - a never-ending stream of possibilities of community driven concepts - from coliving, to coworking and co-creating, to co-existing.

Art of Coliving white logotype by SPX on a yellow backgroundArt of Co yellow logotype by SPX on a black backgroundArt of Co yellow logo by SPX with white background


Yellow is a representation of youth, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, and enlightenment. Black is the simplest but also the most elegant colour in the palette. Those two colours combined together, with a pure white background,

create a prestigious mix with a strong contrast. The application of this colour palette on website, social media or stationary designs effects in memorable impression that strengthens the overall communication.

Art of Co brand identity: colour palette by SPX Agency


The typography chosen for Art of Co. stays truthful to overall brand image - simple, stylish and elegant humanistic sans. The leading Sofia Pro font is connotated both with harmonic and contemporary design thanks to its rounded curves with broad open

terminals. The character of the fonts’ combination transfers the reader to the modern gallery - where the art of human-driven interactions can be explored and uncovered.

Art of Co brand identity: typography by SPX AgencyArt of Coliving book typography mockup by SPX Agency


The book, soon to be launched, Art of Coliving, is a new project of Gui Perdrix. With author’s learnings and interviews gathered through a yearlong field research in over a hundred coliving communities,  

the book explains the specifications and reality of coliving creation. Together, we defined the need for an inspiring cover, with appealing graphics, drafted to become a bestseller.

Art of Coliving book mockups by SPX with yellow backgroundArt of Coliving by Gui Perdrix book front cover design by SPX AgencyArt of Coliving by Gui Perdrix book back cover design by SPX Agency


We supported Art of Co. in creating social media creatives that are aligned with its brand identity to keep consistency across all channels. A systematic

communication allowed to build a professional and representative brand image, which increases trust with potential clients and customers.

Art of Co different social media templates by SPX Agency


The web & ux design was built upon the idea of vernissage - a term used for a preview of an art exhibition, which may be private, before the formal opening. The objective was to create a simple, elegant but inclusive look & feel that resembles the character

of the new brand. The gallery-alike showcase of resources and services enables user-friendly interactions and adds to the website a sophisticated flair.

Art of Co Website design homepage by SPXTablet version mockup of the Art of Co website by SPXIphone mockup of mobile version of the Art of Co website by Spatial Experience


The new brand identity allows Art of Co. to grow by bringing together young professionals, community operators, industry followers and leaders who strive for knowledge, want to stay up-to-date with best practices, trends and developments in coliving, among other community driven concepts.

The branding allowed Gui to get higher recognition,

attract new partners and launch new services, increasing his industry presence.

The concept has the potential to be further developed, alongside the growth of Art of Co. We look forward to the launch of Art of Coliving and success of Gui’s Perdrix work.

Gui Perdrix at the Conference


Spatial Experience has been a key player and partner in the coliving industry, and their recent project will set a landmark. With the brand creation of Art of Co, Spatial Experience created a brand that will shape the coliving scene. Their core ability is to think brands holistically, meaning creating the right angle from the beginning, thinking longer-term for future brand adjustments and visually representing what the brand is trying to say. This differentiates SPX Agency from other agencies, who might understand branding but not the industry they are in.

Gui Perdrix
Art of Co.



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  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Communication


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