Coliving Ventures

Creating an ecosystem that ignites change within the coliving industry

About This Venture

Coliving Ventures is a venture powered by SPX Studio. Coliving Ventures aims to accelerate an impactful growth in the coliving sector by building up different initiatives within the industry.


In 2020, Coliving Ventures was founded with the purpose of encouraging innovative, sustainable business development and impactful growth in the coliving sector by building up different initiatives within the industry. Coliving Ventures was envisioned to help create and support an ecosystem that is necessary for the consolidation of shared living as an asset class.

Coliving Ventures develops shared living focused partnerships that can achieve high level business results and amplify their reach within the sector, while at the same time contributing to the consolidation of the shared living asset class. To achieve its significant purpose, Spatial Experience developed Coliving Ventures into a systematic brand concept.


The first step in creating a brand such as Coliving Ventures is looking into long term perspective, considering purpose and goals. Developing a brand that is capable of sustaining an entire interconnected ecosystem entails a well throughout and sharp

approach. Coliving Ventures brand was built around the concept of an active entity within the industry, supporting innovative coliving concepts to stand out and igniting progress and innovation within the industry.


The logo conveys a modern aesthetics that suggests a path towards prosperity, activating shared living

stakeholders to push forward and inviting them to press the play button in the industry’s evolution.

Coliving Ventures black logotype with white background by SPX StudioColiving Ventures orange logo with black background by SPX StudioColiving Ventures White logotype with orange background by SPX Studio


For the identity of Coliving Ventures, we picked a transition of orange and yellow as the primary gradient, to both reflect what these colours symbolise and give the feeling of depth and movement at the same time.

Orange symbolises energy, vitality, cheer, excitement, adventure, warmth, and good health. Yellow is the

colour of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring.

Coliving Ventures colour palette is about activation of an upcoming industry and its stakeholders through creativity, exploring the unknown without fear, bringing enlightenment, motivation and forward thinking energy to a blooming sector.

Coliving Ventures branding by SPX: colour palette


As the central typographic reference for Coliving Ventures’ brand, Humanistic Sans font was chosen. Its digital aspect makes it versatile and easily applicable

throughout different media and platforms. This friendly and human font is perfect to symbolise what coliving stands for - community living.

Coliving Ventures branding by SPX: typography choiceBlack Flag with Coliving Ventures logotype in white by SPX


Conceived to be the leading platform for shared living enterprises, Coliving Venture needs to create bonds and form partnerships. Applying their brand identity to different media, we are able to connect on a human

level, fostering a sense of belonging and transmitting one of the brand’s core values: bringing people together to push the shared living industry.

Hand holding two Coliving Ventures business cards in black and orangeOrange T-Shirt Design with white Coliving Ventures logo by SPX StudioColiving Ventures logo pattern on an organge cloth

What's Next?

The collaboration of SPX Agency and SPX Studio has resulted in building a solid brand for Coliving Ventures, a system to connect business concepts with common objectives to build up initiatives driving meaningful growth in the industry. Coliving Ventures has created and powers Coliving Insights and will soon launch Coliving Awards, the first ceremony dedicated to highlighting key innovators, actors and ideas that are shaping the coliving industry.

Coliving Ventures is an organisation upon which meaningful, impactful coliving businesses can co-exist. The platform offers support for business to share vision and mission, values and best practices. It empowers organisations within the coliving industry and offers the excellence and proficiency to consolidate the sector through insights, research and innovation, igniting meaningful change.

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Coliving Ventures by SPX Studio banner for impact


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