Digital Estate

An innovative platform to support real estate in digital transformation

about client

Digital Estate is a venture powered by SPX Studio. Digital Estate is a platform dedicated to facilitate the best in class digital solutions and technologies for real estate.


Enable the advancement within the traditional real estate industry

Historically, the real estate sector has been known for resisting innovation. The industry has been lagging behind when it comes to updating its processes for a long time, but winds of change are beginning to reshape the market. ‍ Digital Estate came to life to enable the advancement within the traditional real estate industry and specially within the coliving sector. The enterprise is a platform to support real estate enterprises with digital transformation, helping businesses in bridging digital and real environments. The Digital Estate platform connects products and service providers with industry players in the emerging real estate sectors to improve the experience of developing and operating emerging real estate concepts. The new business concept had to be reflected in the unique though recognisable design of the final product. The challenge was to create a strong brand concept and strategy at a very early stage of new business development. Digital Estate is a venture of Spatial Experience, incubated as part of SPX Studio.


Creating strong brand message & visual representation of Digital Estate ecosystem

Strong brand message was incorporated in the first touchpoint with the audience. The creative process of ideating and establishing the new brand concept of Digital Estate was conducted in parallel with business concept development. During the Concept and Strategy phase, we created a visual representation of the Digital Estate open-end ecosystem, initially consisting of logo, colour concept, typography and UX/UI concept. We have prepared the brand to increase its visibility alongside business growth.

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