Coliving Insights

Full creative support and creation of pioneering platform


Searching for a solution to attend our built surroundings to societal and environmental needs

Our built surroundings need to attend to increasingly dynamic societal and environmental needs. How can this be facilitated while also improving the human experience? Coliving appears to be offering part of the solution. In order to get a better understanding, a group of people came together to research and analyse where the coliving market is headed, becoming the initiators of Coliving Insights, a platform dedicated to share knowledge, business intelligence and news around the latest trends of the coliving industry. Collaboration of Spatial Experience with other Coliving Insights team members started from an initiative to provide a strong branding, business setup and positioning to the platform and its quarterly publications. Coliving Insights already released four publications, and the 5th issue will be out by the end of March, 2021. The first report “Coliving Insights No.1″, published in November 2019, gives the reader a unique perspective on the coliving sector thanks to a bottom-up analysis and comparison of 28 different operators across the world and their models. The second publication explores the health of the coliving sector amidst the coronavirus pandemic and offers insights into an evolving coliving industry, with the support of 28 expert contributors. The third edition was built around the crucial topics of social value, public policy and impact measurements, involving 33 knowledgeable professionals from the shared living industry. The fourth publication tackles four core different development phases that involve the creation of meaningful coliving communities: “Invest, Develop, Operate & Scale”. The fifth edition will discuss the significance of technology solutions within the coliving industry and how to integrate it to innovate and enhance your coliving spaces.


Creating a unique concept for the brand and flexible, yet consistent strategy to act on it

As founding partner in charge of business concept and brand development, we started by creating a unique concept for the brand. We designed the first publication of Coliving Insights simultaneously with its brand identity, ensuring flexibility in applying branding elements to the editorial design in a consistent yet playful way. We have kept this consonant strategy throughout the design of all publications that followed. Every page of a Coliving Insights publication is crafted to be endearing, but also to be read as clearly as possible. Coliving Insights also was in need of an online platform to promote its work. To attend to their needs, we have built Digital Experience and Product, including Marketing Performance Optimisation and Automation of a number of processes through use of modern digital tools. Branding principles have been also applied to the complete website along with a set of images and motion design for its promotion on different online channels.

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Flawless communication, smooth cooperation and great effort of the Coliving Insights team and a number of thought leaders & industry stakeholders have been put into this project.Since the new website was launched in August 2020, the Coliving Insights website reached more than 4000 new unique users spread across more than 100 countries. The first publication has been downloaded by more than 600 professionals of the coliving industry after only a week of being published, drawing the interest of various stakeholders, especially operators and developers. All together, the three publications released by Coliving Insights gathered contributions from nearly 90 experts and were downloaded over 3700 times.


The Coliving Insights team did a stellar job at positioning their platform as an industry influencer and Salto Systems as a partner in this field. Their knowledge and expertise in the market sets new standards and is of added value for everybody who would like to participate in this movement. It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up, small business or large corporation, I would highly recommend working with them.

Christian Schmitz, Global Lead Shared Living & Work Space SALTO SYSTEMS