Coliving Insights Nº5

Innovating Coliving with Technology

by COLIVING INSIGHTS | design powered by SPX


Coliving Insights edition Nº5



We are thrilled to announce that Coliving Insight No.5 - Co-Tech: Innovating Coliving with Technology - is now available for download. The fifth publication by the Research Lab & Media Platform focuses on the innovative technology solutions that we find within the real estate sector and how to best integrate them into your coliving space to innovate and enhance your experience, operations, profitability and sustainability.

Coliving Insights No.5 focuses on the use of technology tapping into every dimension to optimise all aspects of the coliving experience. Throughout the 140+ pages of the publication, 25+ thought leaders share their insights on the use of digital solutions and technology within coliving as well as their views on digital transformation in specialist real estate.

This edition dives into the current technology trends in real estate such PropTech, PMS, customised apps, ConTech, IoT, and more. Purposefully using these modern tools, along with innovative business practices, coliving is primed to offer a community experience like never before. From the start of the member journey to the end, colivers are in for an unprecedented experience in shared accommodation.

Discover Coliving Insights Edition No.5, a design and production by Spatial Experience and powered by Coliving Ventures (a venture by SPX Studio). Dive into insightful articles and explore our content pieces: “The Coliving (R)Evolution: Design Thinking, Growth-Driven Design & Technology” by Spatial Experience, as well as the informative article “Digital Transformation in Shared Living should not be complex” by Spatial Experience in collaboration with Digital Estate.

Coliving Insights Edition No.5 - Co-Tech: Innovating Coliving with Technology - can be downloaded by requesting your copy from the button on the right side!

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