The Power of Merchandising in Real Estate

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The power of brand merchandise in real estate is often disregarded when it comes to building a strong brand. When in fact, branded products are a great way to gain brand recognition and to stay at the top of mind with your customers. They are not only a powerful promotional tool, but they are also valuable for your clients and can be used to create a sense of loyalty in them towards your brand as well as to invoke a conversation about your business.

Promoting an experience, a lifestyle, is a key element of marketing strategies in real estate; it is about cultivating the idea, the feeling of being part of a community. Promotional products and/or merchandise can aid to create that sense of belonging, build an audience, pull people into your brand experience and eventually lead to sales conversion and customer loyalty.

Merchandising as a Branding & Marketing Asset

As we wrote in one of our earlier blog posts How to Define Brand Touchpoints for an Optimal Customer Experience, your customer’s journey is in essence divided in three stages: pre-booking stage, during, and post-stay. Promotional assets and/or merchandising can be easily allocated at each of these stages.

  • Pre-booking stage: whether you promote your brand through collaboration with institutions, other businesses, at fairs or events, using promo materials and give-away gadgets can leave a memorable and lasting impression among your audience.
  • During: welcome your new guests/residents with a goodie bag, reward them with your branded merchandise, help them connect and engage at every day level with your brand. Retaining active customers is more important than ever and through merchandising for real estate, guests/residents can easily become returning visitors first, and brand ambassadors later.
  • Post-stay: your guests/residents will eventually move out, but they will carry their experiences with them. Provide them with items that they will use in their everyday life, keep them connected & engaged with your brand and inspire them to spread the word among their friends and relatives about their living experience at your space.

A successful merchandising strategy will also be extremely helpful to continue building your brand identity in order to gain exposure & recognition

Choosing your Merchandising Material

There is a broad choice of merchandising products that can be useful to promote your real estate company, but the main focus should be to distribute sustainable, eco-friendly products that people use in everyday life. These goodies range from clothing, to accessories, to promo materials such as pens, bags, mugs, notebooks and many more. When it comes to choosing, it really depends on the specific market positioning and on the target, but it can work both for end customers and at B2B level.

Creating your own branded merchandise allows you to choose unique items and offer lifestyle accessories to your audience that will enhance their brand experience. It gives you the possibility to stand out from your competitors and positively influence the way you are perceived.

At SPX we help our clients with crafting customised merchandise, that will match the audience needs and improve customers’ loyalty.

Man wearing "The future is CO" black and gold t-shirt

Key Takeaway

Brand merchandising can really boost your real estate business, even prior to opening. It is a cost-effective solution that can positively impact brand awareness & recognition, at short and long term. Connecting emotionally with your audience by providing them with branded goodies, apparel, gadgets is one of the most effective ways to promote a brand with a genuine approach.

Let your audience become loyal fans of your brand; let them love your brand so much that they will wear it, use it and share it.

Have a look at the offline & print services that we offer or contact us directly to learn more about creating a future-proof brand through the use of merchandising and branding.

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