Coliving Awards

A powerful brand concept to celebrate the achievements of the shared living industry.


The coliving sector is a promising industry with stable growth, demonstrating it deserves more attention. Countless entrepreneurs and professionals are trying to bring innovation to the scene - and it is time to give them credibility for creating a new housing paradigm.

Coliving Awards was envisioned to highlight key innovators, actors and ideas that are shaping the coliving industry.

The organisations’ main purpose is to support the shared living ecosystem, streamlining the consolidation  of coliving as an asset class.

Coliving Awards first goal as a brand is to establish itself as a trustworthy organisation within the shared living industry, so our objective was to create a brand strong and prestigious enough to live up to the organisation’s purpose.


Through the Coliving Awards we seek to inspire the coliving community. To accomplish this purpose, the brand needs to reflect the higher meaning of pushing the industry forward.With the Coliving Awards brand, we are connecting to courageous, entrepreneurial,

strategic and enthusiastic frontrunners and change makers. The organisation has a  critical role: to curate and elevate coliving as a qualitative and serious asset class. All the brand attributes are portrayed within the visual communication of Coliving Awards’ brand.


Coliving Awards brand identity revolves around the meaning of the ceremony to the coliving industry. It portrays high-end sophistication, contemporary nuance, sleek & elegant style implemented to highlight memorable achievements in the industry. It is a serious, but vivid identity, that ignites respect and inspires coliving pioneers.

The logo designed for Coliving Awards embodies a modern and systematic character, but also offers the much needed playfulness and celebration that an award ceremony conveys. Beyond celebration, Coliving Awards’ logo portrays the intellectuality and professionalism that are intrinsic to the brand’s identity.

Coliving Awards logotype with dark backgroundColiving Awards coloured logo with dark backgroundColiving Awards logotype with white background by SPX Agency


The colour palette for the brand is elegant, with a nudge of gold and silver. It has a calm and earthy character that combines premium and class values.

The colours chosen are enlightening, but contrasting, transmitting sophistication, elegance and prestige.

Coliving Awards brand identity: colour palette by SPX


Unique, special, sophisticated font. Although Coliving Awards is approachable, it is still a brand that needs to evoke the sense of exclusivity.

Only the most forward thinking, innovative concepts and professionals achieve the highest accolades.

Coliving Awards branding by SPX: typography choiceColiving Awards "thank you letter" stationery mockup design

What's next?

Launching Coliving Awards brand will allow us to connect with industry stakeholders and potential partners.

A full visual language that will allow us to accommodate all necessary elements to bring the first edition of Coliving Awards to life has been created.

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  • Concept Creation & Development
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  • Business & Product Development
  • Innovation as a Service


  • Brand Strategy
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  • Logo Design
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