business consultancy

Make your business a success: base future decisions on thorough and comprehensive analyses of the market opportunities and industry trends, and get the right team together to find proficient solutions to improve your operations and strategic plans.

Concept Co-Creation & Development


Bringing a business idea into the market can be challenging, this is why it is important to partner up with the right player who can help you design disruptive and game-changing commercial products and services.

  • A strong and thoroughly developed concept has the potential to grow into a consistent and distinctive identity, leading to long-term relationships with your audience and other stakeholders
  • Developing a successful concept helps position your company as one of the trendsetters and industry frontrunners, leading towards increasing sales and investments
  • Ensure the relevance of your concept in the years to come

In the process of co-creation & development, our team takes a tailored approach to every project that consists of the next steps:

  • Listening to and understanding your business idea
  • Conceptualising and materialising it
  • Supporting and advising you throughout the product development process, to ensure that concept, product and brand are aligned

Product Development Strategy


Real estate bears the big responsibility of creating and delivering a space where people live, work and connect.

Ensuring its desirability and validity is of utmost importance. It is time for real estate to leverage existing wisdom and fast-forward the industry with the modern product development process.

  • Build future-proof residential real estate
  • Smoothly roll out your product and strategically enter the market
  • Build a community of brand ambassadors from the very beginning
  • Connect with local institutions and stakeholders
  • Understand the asset lifecycle and leverage your competitive advantage within the market

We help our clients identify the bigger picture and map out all necessary steps in their journey towards launching a new concept, product and/or brand. Through product development strategy we bridge the gap between product and experience: aligning stakeholders’ expectations, resources, brand and future steps.

As your strategic partners and creative extension of the team, we can support you in the creation of essential strategies, aligned with your overall business goals, that will serve as a guide for the smooth execution of all the activities and help you thrive.

Research, Trends & Insights


Developing a new concept, expanding to a new area, or simple reviving the brand cannot be done without solid and thorough market research.

  • Base your investment decisions on a comprehensive analysis of market opportunities, competitive advantages, industry trends, available data, insights and dynamics within real estate
  • Staying on top of the latest market insights decreases the risk of lack of product fit and positions you as a market leader
  • Understand the competitive landscape and claim your spot in the market
  • Gather invaluable knowledge and understand industry best practices

We help you understand the forces shaping the shared living sectors, see the market movement and predict the future industry direction. Based on our know-how and R&D efforts, we provide tailored insights that are imperative in ensuring that your product is truly answering the market and target group needs.

We can empower you with

  • Research & Analysis: Market Research, Target Group Research
  • Industry Trends, Market Trends, Consumer Trends, Trend Forecasting
  • Competitor Analysis & Benchmarking
  • In-depth Market Studies, Feasibility Studies, Investment Analysis and Project Screening (upon request)

Expert Consultancy


Focused on enabling your sustainable growth, we have assembled a team of specialists and market experts with backgrounds in branding, marketing, design, architecture and community management to support you in elevating your real estate products and brand in competitive marketplaces.

  • Take better-informed decisions
  • Expand your portfolio in a strategic direction
  • Provide a better experience to your audience
  • Optimise internal teams’ efforts
  • Find new and innovative ways to solve long-rooted problems
  • Bring fresh ideas and have a third-person unbiased perspective

During consulting sessions, we take the role of creative strategists and act as advisors, sharing our expertise and know-how to reach your goals within specialist real estate.

We support our clients’ and partners’ internal teams with advisory on subjects such as:

  • Brand Concept & Strategy
  • Brand Development & Execution
  • Brand Management & Governance
  • Optimisation of Marketing Procedures and best practices
  • Enhancement of Marketing & Sales Performance
  • Spatial programming
  • Operational excellence and best practices
  • Emerging Concepts



Workshops are the best tool to unleash creativity, innovation and good sense for business, as well as align all relevant stakeholders and empower teams to take confident steps towards success. 

We pair our specialist know-how with design thinking methodology and provide hands-on, collaborative, educational sessions.

The topics to discuss range from co-developing an initial product and / or brand concept up to increasing community engagement and fine-tuning marketing & sales tactics, and are tailored according to the unique perspective of your business.

  • Acquire specialist knowledge and innovative outlook
  • Increase business and operational performances
  • Get deep strategic alignment through all stakeholders involved

Through a co-defined program of activities we take our partners and clients through an immersive journey, tailored to address specific business needs. 

During the workshops, we focus on education, co-creation and application of the learnings and insights to case-specific challenges and its format varies according to the specific demands of stakeholders involved - internal teams, investors, residents, and local communities among others. 

Workshops are available both in-person and online.