Announcing Spatial Experience as Creative Partner of The Class of 2020

Amsterdam, 21st October, 2020

We are excited to announce that Spatial Experience is now creative partner of The Class of 2020.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of SPX on emerging real estate concepts, the one-year long partnership aims to play a strategic role to drive change and impact in the student housing sector. We will collaborate with The Class of 2020 to reinforce its strategic positioning, pushing the industry forward through innovation, research, technology and design.

Parties will kickstart the partnership with the full development of a digital platform for The Class Trend Report 2021 among other activities, such as general creative support for various materials to assist the roll out of this year’s Class Conference and The Best in Class Awards. We are enthusiastic to be back as a creative partner especially considering 2020 a pivotal year for The Class as the foundation is “graduating” and stepping into its “post-graduate” career.

Due to the current circumstances, The Class Conference will be held online through a complete digital experience: The Class Graduation ceremony. The half-day virtual conference on the 19th of November will combine thought-provoking live talk shows, knowledge updates from expert correspondents, and the celebration of outstanding achievements via The Best in Class Awards. The digital experience will be designed to foster meaningful learning outcomes and achieve outstanding community engagement, giving attendees a space to connect and exchange views. Moreover, the attendees will also have exclusive first access to The Class Trend Report 2021: a digital graduation thesis/yearbook.

SPX has collaborated with The Class of 2020 since its early stage, supporting branding activities and the creation of the corporate identity to support the growth of the non-profit think tank as an industry leader in Europe. We have helped the organisation with the roll out of multiple annual reports (2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018),  providing merchandising and print materials for the conferences, among others. Check out how we previously supported The Class of 2020 in our dedicated Work page.

Through this purposeful partnership, we seek to connect to stakeholders of student housing and other blended typologies to exchange knowledge, form relationships and empower mutual growth. Make sure to register now for The Class Conference Graduation and stay tuned for updates!

About The Class of 2020

Founded in 2011, The Class of 2020 is a partner-based think tank for the future of living, learning and working in university-cities. The organisation runs on four main pillars: Events, Research, Academy and Advisory. The global non-profit foundation focuses on the ways talent is living in cities and how this is shaping the urban campus; the ecosystem in which students, universities, corporates and cities co-create. The vision for cities of The Class of 2020 is to attract and retain the brightest young minds, and lead their way to social and economic success in return.