Branding & Marketing for authentic shared living communities



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We are proud to announce the release of the eighth publication of Coliving Insights: Branding & Marketing for Authentic Shared Living Communities.

For companies in highly competitive industries, like shared living, building a strong brand is one of the biggest priorities. As we have seen, the shared living industry has been booming in the past couple of years and, moving forward, it will be crucial for companies to create timeless offers, where community, sustainability and wellbeing are embedded  throughout their whole brand, business and operational strategies.

In this publication, marketing and creative professionals from digital and marketing agencies, in-house marketing teams and creative agencies explain why and how consistent branding and marketing opens endless opportunities to make your brand recognisable and authentic throughout various touchpoints of the customer journey.

Discover Coliving Insights Edition No.8, a design and production by Spatial Experience and powered by Coliving Ventures (a venture by SPX Studio). Aitana de Jong, Managing Partner at Spatial Experience, sets the tone of this edition in the foreword, where she highlights the importance of purpose-driven branding and marketing. Spatial Experience contributed with three-part content piece that will guide you through your successful branding journey. Explore our articles: “The Power of Image”, written in collaboration with Stefan M. Gerard, a creative director, photographer and videographer, “The Power of Marketing”, where we tap into the best marketing and communication practices in the modern shared living landscape and “The Power of Brand”, where we explain how your brand can help you succeed and transform real estate at large.