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Following the success of the first three editions of Coliving Insights - Exploring Coliving as an innovative housing solution, Is Coliving here to stay?, Impact & Sustainability in Coliving - we are glad to present you the fourth edition of our publication now available for download: Invest, Develop, Operate and Scale.

Coliving Insights No.4 focuses on a wider market overview through an analysis of the four key phases in the coliving development cycle: Investment, Development, Operations and Scaling. Throughout the publication, 25+ contributors from established coliving developers, operators, institutional investors, asset managers and other real estate professionals, shine light on each of those phases in the dedicated chapters.

1) Invest: Institutional investors share their thoughts on what they are looking for when investing in a coliving project, and what is needed to develop a profitable coliving business. The chapter includes an overview of the current and future coliving investment landscape.

2) Develop: Innovative real estate developers share why they are specialising in coliving assets, their collaborations with coliving operators and whether or not they pursue fully vertically integrated models. The chapter will evaluate the cost and delivery of building profitable coliving developments.

3) Operate: Established coliving operators share their insights in what it takes to successfully operate a coliving property. Should coliving spaces be operated like a hotel or should residents be left alone to run the community? This chapter tries to answer this and other pressing questions, providing innovative solutions.

4) Scale: Once you have received investments, developed your property and operated it successfully, what does it take to then scale your coliving business? This chapter will gather insights from developers and operators helping the coliving industry to become an established real estate asset class.

Discover Coliving Insights Edition No.4, a design and production by Spatial Experience and powered by Coliving Ventures (a venture by SPX Studio). Dive into insightful articles and explore our content piece “Will the coliving industry embrace the subscription living model?” by Spatial Experience, as well as the informative article by Coliving Ventures: “Launching Coliving Ventures: an organisation to promote impactful growth in coliving”.

Coliving Insights Edition No.4 - Invest, Develop, Operate and Scale can be easily downloaded by requesting your copy from the button on the right side!

Coliving Insights No.4 - Invest, Develop, Operate & Scale