4 Netflix Shows that Real Estate can Learn From

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The growth of Netflix has been beyond belief if we think that only 10 years ago it was still a Blockbuster-type movie rental company. According to the latest research approximately 37% of ALL Internet users use Netflix and the brand has already reached 150 millions of subscriptions.

One of the greatest potentials of Netflix, is that it facilitates numerous shows and documentaries from which we can learn and get inspired if watched with a critical eye.

There are shows and documentaries for different audiences and covering all imaginable topics, but in this article we want to highlight 4 shows that can teach all of us some interesting aspects related to Real Estate. Whether you are in the real estate business, or need some inspiration on new ways of living, read further to get an introduction to some of our favourite and most inspirational Netflix Series.

1. Abstract: The Art of Design

Abstract The Art of Design Netflix Show in SPX Agency Lab Article

Get inspired by great design minds in this documentary series that follows artists and designers across the world to understand their work and their thinking process.

Our favourite episode from the second season, which debuted this autumn, is about Olafur Eliasson, an Icelandic-Danish architect and installation artist who explains some of the major steps of his career, what is the state-of-art of his industry and why his work does matter. Eliasson creates rich-sensorial experiences by playing with illusions and physics, such as his particular use of lights to create absence of colours and highlight details.

Through his immersive artworks the artist wants to address social causes by challenging the viewer’s perception and thought. The audience quickly understands during the episode that nothing that you see should be taken as granted and that to really make a difference you need to see beyond.

Experiential design can be used as a form of art, but is a concept that can also be explored inside the real estate context when building a living space or arranging the interiors. Nothing should be left by chance, get inspired by Abstract: The Art of Design and start thinking further.

2. Terrace House

Terrace House Netflix Show in SPX Agency Lab Article

While coliving spaces are becoming increasingly common worldwide, their growth in some countries has been slower than others. One of these cases is represented by Japan, where people culturally tend to keep their lives private.

The so-called “share houses” are still an emerging asset, but the market has a bright future ahead. Believe it or not, one of the main factors that gave attention to the coliving model in Japan is a Netflix reality TV show called Terrace House.

The show, which is already running from 2012, features six young individuals living together in a coliving space while being filmed by numerous cameras. There have been many editions of the series always in a different location. The main difference between Terrace House and other similar reality TV shows is that is completely unscripted, allowing the viewer to better connect with the participants.

Terrace House had a huge success and started to build attention around coliving spaces in Japan, a country with a culture deeply rooted in privacy. By breaking the negative assumptions towards sharing a household with people outside of your own family group, this show has inspired a nation about the positive sides of coliving.

3. Tiny House Nation

Tiny House Nation Netflix Show in SPX Agency Lab Article

The future of living challenges real estate operators to provide cheap, customised accommodations that are space-optimised at the same time. This has lead micro-living to be one of the top trends in the industry already since a few years.

Tiny House Nation is the only Netflix show addressing this topic through the expertise of John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin. The show follows the duo of renovation professionals across the USA in a mission to help micro-living enthusiasts to redesign and build their homes.

Many are the considerations and problems that need to be faced by the co-hosts during the series since every piece of these houses have to fit perfectly in the bigger scheme. Thanks to their knowledge, all sorts of hiding mechanisms and double-purpose shifting spaces are crafted and portrayed in the show.

Finding clever ideas to optimise the available space you have can be challenging, but Tiny House Nation can offer a large amount of tips and tricks that can be learned to address this issue.

4. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Minimalism Netflix Documentary in SPX Agency Lab Article

This Netflix documentary introduces the minimalism concept to a wider audience by targeting materialistic people to understand a different lifestyle model. Minimalism could be a starting point for everyone to adopt a simpler, but happier lifestyle and really value what is important in life.

The documentary follows two of the most important minimalism authors and public speakers, Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Field Millburns, in their journey to fight consumerism by spreading the message that “less is really more”. In their encounters the viewer will learn that minimalism is not about avoiding waste, but more about looking after your personal happiness.

The interest in owning is constantly decreasing and we all experienced how the sharing economy is quickly stealing its place. Combining this trend with minimalism, it is not hard to affirm that nowadays you don’t need to own stuff to live well and be happy. The same topic is also presented in other Netflix shows such as the famous Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

The minimalist approach can certainly be applied to the real estate industry because shaping living spaces can influence the way we behave and society in general. To start enjoying the simplest things it is possible to create houses without extras which are functional and at the same time appealing or de-clutter the space you already have.

Key Takeaway

Although not all shows above are specifically about Real Estate, they are connected to it in one way or another. Most certainly, they can teach us about ways of living of the modern citizen, and how to further explore ideas that can be applied to shared living models in Real Estate.

We find our inspiration through different channels, and coming from different sources. Staying curious is rather relevant if you are pursuing the path of innovation, and Netflix can be surprisingly insightful when you find the right piece of content. So after a long day of work, hit the sofa and #NetflixAndLearn.

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