The Class of 2020
Digital Transformation

Supporting The Class Conference and The Class Trend Report in a journey of digital transformation


Since 2011, The Class of 2020 organises The Class Conference, its annual flagship event during which it releases its renowned Trend Report, a publication that shares The Class’ unique perspective on the future of urban living.

For the unprecedented year of 2020, The Class faced the challenge of transforming The Class Conference into a digital interactive experience and The Class Trend Report into an equally impactful digital publication.

To guide, realise and support its journey of Digital Transformation, The Class invited Spatial Experience to become their Creative Partners.

Below you will find details into Spatial Experience creative support to The Class Conference, Creative/Art Direction and the digital transformation that led to the development of The Class Digital Trend Report.

The Digital Trend Report

The Class Annual Trend Report shares global trends in investment, design & operations, specialised content pieces and valuable shared living industry and global talent data. Keeping up with this year’s Conference chosen theme, Graduation, the 2021 Edition of The Class Trend Report also went through its own transition process: digital transformation.

Turning the annual report into a digital publication maximises interaction and reach, while at the same time symbolizing this unique moment for The Class: it’s graduation.

The goal was to create a digital and interactive experience that incorporated both The Class’s legacy and its innovative perspective for their community.

The Class of 2020 Digital Trend Report mockup application on a tabletThe Class of 2020 Digital Trend Report mockup application on a mobile phoneThe Class of 2020 Digital Trend Report desktop mockup application on a laptop with beige background

The “Fast Forwarding Our Future” Trend Report is composed by 7 chapters that can be accessed on a top menu or through a sleek navigation sidebar. The layout is clean and elegant, optimizing readability and facilitating navigation between different chapters and inner articles.

Transitioning the physical publication into a digital report presented a valuable opportunity to increase visibility by making possible to re-share the content via social media. For The Class and its stakeholders, the digital edition also enables higher exposure given the interactive and digital nature of the platform.

While developing the report, responsiveness to distinct devices was a crucial aspect to consider. The Class Digital Trend Report was created to have an optimised experience on desktop, tablet or mobile screen.

The Art

It is well known that every year The Class brings us a main artwork illustrating the leading concept for its yearly report. This year, Spatial Experience was commissioned to create the overarching graphic illustration that served as a comprehensive visual universe for both Trend Report and the Graduation Conference.

The concept was based on the Graduation theme and it dared to display present, past and future

in one singular image, utilising stairs as a metaphor for the different steps people take in life, while representing different generations in harmony sharing various spaces.

A reference to The Class’ perspective of the future can be seen outside the window through a unraveling futuristic landscape. To pay homage to the earlier Trend Reports, the walls have older covers hanging as decoration, highlighting the publication’s impressive legacy.

The Class of 2020 Digital Trend Report main artwork illustration by Spatial Experience

From Animations to Set Design

The main art was conceptualised to serve multiple purposes in the universe of materials needed to support the Conference. A range of visual materials such as social media & newsletter visuals,

studio backdrop, ticker, streaming frame, among others were thoroughly prepared to guarantee an integrated and seamless visual communication through every event touchpoint of the event.

The Class Conference Graduation social media template for speakers by SPXThe Class Conference social media template for speakers with placeholder for photo by SPXThe Class Conference Graduation social media template for sponsors by SPXThe Class Conference Graduation promotional material to meet the speakers by SPXThe Class Conference by The Class of 2020 mockup application on a mobile phoneThe Class of 2020 Conference grey and black backdrop pattern by SPX

The Conference

For 2020, The Class invited its community to its graduation ceremony through an interactive online platform. Combining thought-provoking live talk shows, expert’s knowledge updates and The Best in Class Awards, the Graduation Conference was an insightful event with great community engagement.

To support the Conference goals and concept, Spatial Experience developed a set of visual materials in line with this year’s theme, Graduation, leading with the main artwork for the Trend Report.

Kim Yoony and Frank Uffen presenting in front of an audience at The Class of 2020 Conference on a mockup screen with backdrop by SPX


To highlight The Class of 2020 legacy, Spatial Experience created a recap video portraying  The Class’ most relevant achievements and milestones since 2011.

The media served as the opening act of the The Class Conference 2020 and it incorporated animations based on the visual universe of the Trend Report overarching artwork.


We had a very ambitious timeline and scope for our graduation conference and digital trend report due high standard our community expects while accommodating all the changes during this special year. SPX rose above and beyond to assist in creating the visual storyline, showcasing a true partnership. Our team enjoyed working closely with the SPX team as the correspondence was fast and the knowledge and advice provided was wide. We’re very much looking forward to continue this partnership in the coming years.

Yoony Kim
Managing Director 2019 - 2021
The Class of 2020

It was truly a joy to work so closely with the SPX team as they worked quickly, were eager to advise, and were always open for feedback. I was also very impressed by the quality of work they provided and the willingness and ability to accept additional projects. I would definitely consider working with SPX for our future initiatives as well.

Eveline Zoutewelle
Head of Marketing & Communication
The Class Foundation


  • Creative Direction
  • Artwork & Illustrations
  • Comprehensive Visual Universe
  • Visual Communication Support (Conference)


  • Web Design & UX
  • Web Development
  • SEO & Google Products Setup
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Creatives