The power of visual communication lies at the heart of connecting with your audience and sharing your product offering and its brand’s soul. It is a secret weapon of your brand that helps to transcend the limits of language, empower you in telling an impactful story without words.

We bring together a blend of visual ingredients (i.e. brand specific colours, curated typography, clean and consistent layouts, compelling graphics and imagery) that work in harmony to convey your brand message in the most effective way and make a long-lasting impression on your audience.

Brand Collateral


Brand collateral is the collection of brand assets, media and promotional materials that will aid in effective promotion of your brand.

From B2B folders, presentations, business cards to memorable and functional posters to remind your various stakeholders about your brand values.

It is an effective tool to gain brand ambassadors, both internally and externally, as well as ensure your internal teams and residents create a strong emotional bond with the brand.

  • Present your brand in an effective format by highlighting your core values, brand story, compelling proposition and everything that can significantly impact brand recognition
  • Utilise every touchpoint to connect with the customers
  • Align internal and external teams
  • Be effective in B2B and B2C brand communication

We design state-of-the-art brand collateral in line with the latest trends, industry standards and your core brand values. We put in use our creative DNA to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Every brand is unique and the set of brand collateral needed differs during each phase of brand / asset development.

However, there are a set of basics every real estate company should possess, among others: business cards, a variety of stationery, stickers, branded brochures, on-brand posters.

Marketing & Sales Collateral


Optimising communication with your audience includes utilising touchpoints online and offline in an efficient and profitable way.

Setting up marketing & sales (lease up) materials will not only aid in expressing your value proposition in an attractive way and connect your brand with the audience but also contribute to converting your leads into end customers.

  • Reach your potential clients by employing relevant communication means
  • Secure brand consistency and brand recognition
  • Strengthen your brand and product visibility
  • Elevate your value proposition into a clear offering
  • Maximise your conversions

We collaborate with your marketing & sales teams to understand your unique sales funnel, and create a strong brand message as well as marketing collateral for each phase.

We design, deliver and oversee the production processes to provide a truly hassle-free experience. Examples of materials that can be included in marketing & sales  collateral:

  • B2B and B2C Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets
  • Marketing & Sales Presentations
  • Sales / Specification Sheets
  • Out of home advertisement
  • Digital assets, Online Banners and Paid Media Creatives

2D & 3D Architectural Layout


In order to get all relevant stakeholders on board when presenting architectural drawings and layouts, it is important to have a clear, comprehensive branded design of all your intricate plans.

This includes enriching your collateral with 2D & 3D architectural layouts that can help you visualise different elements in & around your building and present them in a representative manner to investors, municipalities, internal & external & external teams as well as to end customers.

  • Generate bespoke visual representations and renders of your product
  • Create compelling collaterals showcasing your product that can be used as sales support, on your website, corporate or sales brochures
  • Visualise your product (floor layout, building structure, types of apartments / rooms) to align internal & external teams as well as drive sales
  • Ease the process of decision-making of your prospects

Backed by architectural and design know-how, we are able to translate technical drawings into visually compelling and tailored representations for the end consumer.

From 2D floor plans, isometric / axonometric drawings to 3D building layouts, we make sure these rather complex graphics are digestible for your target audience, clearly portray your offering and lower the number of questions to your sales and operations teams.



By merchandise, we mean any tangible item such as t-shirts, welcome cards, water bottles, sunglasses, tote bags, yoga mats or any object that might carry your logo, visual marks and your brand essence together.

These are memorable items that can benefit your brand on many levels; functional, sustainable and creative gadgets that your brand ambassadors love to bring everywhere with them.

  • Create brand loyalty and awareness
  • Build relationship with residents, employees and other stakeholders
  • Drive brand ambassadorship
  • Stand out from the crowd, be unique
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Create a culture around your concept, product, brand

Sky's the limit when it comes to merchandise, but we help you identify which items and gadgets will drive the most impact among your audience and wider stakeholders while being mindful of budget constraints when it comes to merchandise, goodie bags or promotional giveaways.

We support you in the entire process: from moodboards, to selecting the merchandise type according to your and your audience’s needs, design and production.

Outdoor Advertising


Outdoor advertising allows you to reach your audience out-of-home, where they spend most of their time - i.e. near universities, workplaces or busy urban centres.

There are multiple formats that can be explored depending on the message, target to be reached and area where to advertise, however, the one thing that needs to become “a northern start’: make your ad a remarkable one.

  • Build interest in your brand, product and experience from the earliest stage
  • Show your values and claim your positioning
  • Attract your prospects through effective guerilla marketing, hoardings around your construction site or posters around city hubs
  • Use innovative ways to engage with your audience

We ensure brand consistency and think of innovative ways to reach your audience while maximising ROI. From the smallest packaging labels to massive construction boards - your assets will be well represented by their unique branded visuals.

Upon request, we connect with local agencies and out-of-home media buying partners to find the best spots in town for your outdoor advertising. 

Our design team is specialised in DTP design, and will guide you in your choices and type of content needed depending on the format, size and type of the print - i.e. hoardings and boards, flags, banners, posters and large print.



Constantly surrounded by information, people have learned how to scan and skim through the stimuli. Infographics have the power to sustain the attention of the readers and help them process the information more effectively.

We develop tailor-made infographics to convey facts and figures, demographics, investment specs, report summaries, internal processes, house rules and residential guidelines, among others.

  • Translate difficult-to-consume data and text into easy-to-absorb visual content
  • Build company assets such as infographics relating to real estate processes and operational procedures
  • Capture the attention of the reader and make sure your message is conveyed
  • Bring attention to important announcements
  • Illustrate the essence of your concept and visualise its different phases of development
  • Build credibility by sharing relevant industry knowledge
  • Get your company structures and model relevant for your own colleagues

Creating a functional infographic is a challenge we love. We start by collecting all relevant inputs and data, through information design we provide a first structural draft and visual concept proposal that fits best the message to convey.

This process enables for a final delivery that is both visually appealing as well as highly functional and effective.