It is more important than ever to build a brand that people will fall in love with and be loyal to. A well-defined brand ensures viability to scale your impact, spread your message and position yourself ever closer as an industry leader in the competitive real estate arena.

Brand Strategy & Positioning


The world’s most well-known and successful brands did not appear overnight. It takes solid strategy and a lot of hard work to build impactful brands.

Brand strategy is a game plan for how you will build and grow your brand. Your company’s vision, your business strategy and a thorough study of the needs and perceptions of your customers are the fundamental ingredients.

  • Create a brand that will truly meet the needs of current and future customers
  • Define a strong DNA for you brand and use it as your Northern Star
  • Understand your uniqueness and competitive advantage
  • Turn your brand in a powerful tool to engage residents, employees and other stakeholders
  • Ensure the longevity of the brand
  • Make purpose-driven decisions based on (market) data
  • Signal all relevant brand touchpoints for success

Brand positioning is the art of creating a memorable impression and taking a distinctive place in the minds of your target audience.

Effective brand positioning relies on competitive research and analysis, consumer insights, and an honest evaluation of where your business stands and fits in the marketplace.

As a team of data-driven branding experts, we will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive strategy focused on a long-term plan to position your business as a preferred and identifiable brand for your customers.

Brand Narrative & Storytelling


Everything has its origins and a story worth telling. Every action your business takes, every interaction, every touchpoint with the world is an opportunity to strengthen your brand and build a lasting experience while telling that story.

Customers want their brand interactions to be relevant, personalised and consistent: they want to feel part of the journey.

  • Using storytelling to communicate your offering at every touchpoint will position your company as more approachable
  • Communicate your value proposition and concept in the most compelling way
  • Convert each of the stakeholders into loyal brand ambassadors to ensure higher brand engagement
  • Make people talk about you and increase your brand visibility

We listen to your story and empathise with the audience making sure we define the most compelling tone of voice that will touch their hearts and impress their minds.

This will set the base to craft a powerful narrative for your story and embed it through the entire customer journey - we will work consistently from website to social media communication, from spatial branding to collaterals, tailoring the communication according to each of your stakeholders yet staying true to your core.

Brand Identity


Brand identity is a combination of all the brand elements that transmit the essence of your company.

It is how your brand looks, sounds, feels and speaks to people. Not only that, it is also about how your brand communicates its promise, message and values.

  • Become recognisable in a world of information overload
  • Relate to your audience through unique look & feel
  • Consistent brands are long-lasting brands

Passionate brand builders at heart – we work with brands at any stage of their brand development journey.

Whether it is a startup that just started shaping its identity or an established company that is in need of brand enhancement, we offer comprehensive branding and identity services, such as: Brand name, Logo(s), Colours, Typography, Iconography, Visual Universe, Communication Guidelines, Digital Universe.

We look into each concept individually, from essential corporate guidelines to a detailed definition of all brand touchpoints compiled in an extensive Brand Book and Brand Manual.

Brand Revamp / Enhancement


Building a truly successful brand takes time, hard work and a thoughtful examination of what makes you unique.

Brands need to evolve along with their environment and new trends to maintain effective communication with the target audience.

Enhancing your brand means associating new attributes or revamping the visual identity - either way it will increase your recognition and your competitive advantage.

  • Stay competitive
  • Re-align your brand with your business strategy
  • Align the brand with corporate restructuring
  • Expand your customer segment and cater to new markets
  • Redefine product / brand positioning

Through thorough observation and analysis of your brand, we will identify your pain points, make sure to align with your business goals, your environment and target groups.

By focusing on long-term value generation, we support you in evolving your brand and increasing your brand awareness and reputation through effective strategies, branding, marketing campaigns and more.

Brand Management


Effective brand management is ensured by consistency and enables to build loyal brand ambassadors among the target audience as well as internal and external stakeholders.

Building a strong brand image is a long-term process that secures the increase of the perceived value of a brand over time, the boost of revenue and the achievement of your business goals.

Brand Management is not a one person job, but rather a team’s responsibility to uphold its brand image across all touchpoints. Digital products, such as brand management systems allow for companies to scale their business while maintaining the quality and consistency of its brand, as well as efficiently providing teams with access to brand strategies, designs, campaigns and other relevant brand assets.

  • Ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints
  • Build brand equity over time
  • Improve retention and brand value
  • Increase brand perception and positioning
  • Build Brand Ambassadors
  • Future-proof your brand and be less vulnerable to market fluctuations
  • Create impactful and effective content and brand value
  • Activate employees engagement
  • Centralised brand asset and content generation and control
  • Platform for instant brand communications and changes

We analyse your current situation, understand your business context and needs as well as audit on available resources, pitfalls and provide assumptions on brand potential. We focus on increasing brand value by supporting you in building brand equity as well as building a brand management system to efficiently govern your brand and brand assets.