SPX Agency is Evolving Into Spatial Experience

Amsterdam, 7th July, 2020

SPX Agency, branding and digital marketing agency, has been successfully serving emerging real estate sectors for years and is now entering a new chapter by becoming part of Spatial Experience (SPX) - an experience-driven innovation hub focused on shaping future living.

About a decade ago, a large number of real estate businesses found themselves struggling to find specialised market expertise in emerging sectors and adapt to the fast-changing industry. As an answer, when Europe was in the middle of a real estate crisis, SPX Agency was formed with an important mission in mind: elevate alternative real estate concepts to reach their highest potential.  

Over the years, it shaped and built student housing / PBSA and coliving / PBSL  brands, as well as co-created sustainable concepts from their early beginnings to their grown-up states. As a creative and innovative partner in business, SPX Agency established various and important collaborations to bring future-proof real estate concepts to life. Each case was a unique project, a tool to beget a deeper understanding of the users’ needs, desires and preferences, enabling SPX to conceptualise creative solutions that drive lasting and sustainable results.

After undertaking multiple projects and co-creating brands for clients such as The Student Hotel, Staytoo, The Class of 2020, Stayurban, Bonard, OurCampus and OurDomain, SPX Agency spotted an increasing demand for experience-driven real estate concepts. In order to meet this demand, Spatial Experience came into existence - a hub, where creativity and innovation meet in order to create extraordinary, unique living & working spaces where communities are formed with a fulfilling lifestyle.

‘In their fast-paced lifestyle, new generations crave comfort, convenience, communication & interaction. The desire to be in an environment that engages them on a personal and professional level is extremely strong. They call for a sense of belonging, safety, wellbeing & global connectedness. By enhancing the spatial experience and providing solutions for urban spaces, we want to make people feel more connected, included and noticed.’ explained Spatial Experience’s CEO and Founder,  Bart Sasim.

Over the last few months, despite the crisis caused by COVID-19 outbreak, the company was preparing for the launch of their newly designed website www.spatial-experience.com, revealing two additional enterprises next to the Agency: Lab, focused on research and development, and Studio, where SPX will be developing ready-to-use solutions for real estate & urban environments, through bridging the digital & real world.

‘Our learnings and experience over the years have corroborated what we already envisioned in the past: urgent need for change in order to shape (and prepare for) the cities of tomorrow. We have poured our hearts and souls into creating a new look & feel that accurately depicts our mission & vision: designing purposeful spaces that enable human-to-human interactions, both online and offline. I am excited about the transformation of the company and happy seeing us growth so fast. I look forward to the bright future of SPX.’ added Aitana de Jong, Managing Partner of Spatial Experience.

Spatial Experience will continue to partner up with established industry players, as well as enthusiastic frontrunners, to shape cities & communities of tomorrow. Moreover, SPX is opening up their business activities to Ventures. The hub is establishing deep connections with relevant companies within the industry, leading initial partnerships into new business ventures. SPX has been actively participating in several industry events, contributing to the development of the coliving sector. Its commitment led to collaborations with various stakeholders, and to its latest venture: Coliving Insights - a thriving innovative research lab dedicated to providing state-of-the-art insights to the coliving sector.

‘No one can tell for sure how people will live and how cities will look like in 50 or 100 years from now, but one thing is sure: cities consist of buildings that surround everything we do, they are an inherent element of our everyday life. Our role is to bring experience design to create an ecosystem around communities & buildings in urban spaces to ensure the wellbeing of the next generations.’ added Bart.

In the last few years, there has been a rapid change leading to a VUCA world - an environment that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. The recent health crisis proved that there is a necessity for companies to be able to quickly understand and adapt to the new challenges. Spatial Experience represents the window to look into the future of living, where buildings and communities create one unified ecosystem. The cities of tomorrow are being crafted today, and it is up to all the stakeholders - citizens, industry players, governmental institutions -  to take part in this revolution.