One Vision,
Different Missions.

Spatial Experience is a full service innovation hub, shaping the future of living through a 360 approach, driving change via three pillars: SPX Agency, SPX Lab and SPX Studio.

SPX Agency provides branding & marketing creative solutions to support, grow and empower real estate brands. SPX Lab is a research & development platform dedicated to exploring possibilities of future development. SPX Studio is the first interdisciplinary startup studio for emerging real estate, helping innovative business concepts come to life.


Spatial Experience shapes the future of living through three integrated pillars:

By bringing specialist business intelligence and market research generated by SPX Lab, we enrich the knowledge of the industry and are able to craft tailor-made creative, branding, marketing and digital solutions at SPX Agency. Through SPX Lab’s know-how and SPX Agency’s industry specific network, SPX Studio is empowered to create products and enable real estate startups to scale through business development and technology.

The synergy created between the three pillars of our ecosystem makes Spatial Experience the perfect one-stop shop for specialist real estate sectors.


Each of our pillars works as an integral part of our ecosystem, providing its own superpower and solution to industry needs. The intersection of the three brings quality an innovation to Spatial Experience projects and initiatives.

At SPX Agency we help brands adapt to the fast-changing urban landscape of the real estate industry - from concept ideation, creation, realisation, advisory & managing their growth at every step of our project. We are passionate about creating future-proof real estate brands.

SPX Studio is an interdisciplinary venture builder and startup studio working to bridge the digital & real world, delivering ready-to-use solutions for real estate & urban environments. We create experience-driven solutions through business development, design and technology.

Enter a world of insights and follow how the real estate industry transforms. At SPX Lab design meets technology, science meets practice and communities meet the urban landscape. Explore insightful content & connect with other forward-thinkers through our research & development platform.


Our Context

Spatial Experience was born from the understanding of the challenges of our society & urban environment and the willingness to solve these issues to shape a better future and support emerging real estate businesses in doing so.

Learn more about the story behind Spatial Experience and the real estate sectors where our expertise resides.