Coliving Industry
Report Q3 2019

by Kndrd | design powered by SPX


Coliving Industry
Report Q3 2019



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Providing urban populations with a new way of living and experiencing a genuine sense of community, the expansion of coliving has passed its early stages, and now has developed into a fast growing niche asset class. This year marks a landmark moment in coliving industry as there have been number of steps taken into gathering data, analysing different aspects of the market and creating valuable insights.

A great initiative has been taken by Kndrd, the #1 software platform specifically created for the #coliving industry, to track global market trends and identify new opportunities. In order to keep coliving industry players relevant as they seek more insightful data to deliver the best experience and improve overall business performance, Kndrd made a commitment to conduct and release quarterly reports.

As creative partners, we are excited to share the condensed report with key insights that we had pleasure crafting design for. If you would like get an access to the full version of the report, feel free to contact Kndrd to be included in the next quarter’s coliving report.

Download now the Coliving Industry Report to:

  • Understand the current state of the coliving industry globally
  • Receive insightful data gathered from coliving operators from all of the world
  • Identify new market opportunities

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