ColivingNL foundation existed for a while along with its efforts in understanding and exploring possibilities of coliving in The Netherlands.

The foundation strives to achieve more recognition and a better position for coliving initiatives in the local and national Dutch law. Its board protects the interests in regards of the topics that affect,

or may affect, the possibilities for coliving projects in The Netherlands. As coliving is reaching its momentum, board members of ColivingNL decided it was time to step up the game and get a stronger impact through a new look&feel that would be applied to their new website, social media channels, events, among other initiatives.


As the result of our visual exploration around the concept of coliving, we created a minimal geometric logomark which would serve as a unified symbol for the three main components of the ColivingNL brand: people, sharing and home.

Furthermore, we expanded this concept into a complete visual identity, with the purpose to be used on a variety of mediums and platforms. Having a brand identity in place, we moved into

a series of working sessions to determine the initial goals of the website and its objectives, which would lead the process of web design & development.

The website of ColivingNL was created in alignment with its new visual identity and offers the first contact point to everyone who is interested in learning about shared households and supporting coliving in different Dutch municipalities.

brand identity

colivingnl logo in white with blue backgroundcolivingnl logo in white with black backgroundcolivingnl logo in blue with white background
Colivingnl colors blue
Colivingnl colors black
Colivingnl colors white
ColivingNL font typography Poppins
ColivingNL font typography Source Sans Pro


We believe that the brand-new identity of ColivingNL helps the foundation with further development as well as getting the exposure necessary to make a positive change in both national & local government policies, concerning living arrangements of cohabiting households in The Netherlands.

ColivingNL shares knowledge and experiences with partners and platform members.

All are committed to the creation of better policies and opportunities for a community-oriented environment which is going to change the future of living. We see great value in their mission and forsee a growth of ambassadors of the coliving movement in The Netherlands.


Cooperation with SPX Agency’s team was a super positive experience for the board of ColivingNL. Their knowledge of the development of the coliving industry and branding made the process to achieve the final result go smoothly. The launch of the new website and logo has already shown its impact. Looking forward to collaborate with SPX for the next steps of ColivingNL.

Mischa Rus
Co-founder & Board Member