Our built surroundings need to cater to increasingly dynamic societal and environmental needs. How can this be facilitated while also improving the human experience?

Coliving appears to be offering part of the solution. In order to get a better understanding, a group of people came together to research and analyse where the coliving market is headed, becoming so the initiators of Coliving Insights, a platform dedicated to share knowledge and news around the latest trends of coliving industry.

The first report “Coliving Insights No.1″, published in November 2019,

gives the reader a unique perspective on the coliving sector thanks to a bottom-up analysis and comparison of 28 different operators across the world and their models.

With more than 150 pages the report tries to answer some of the key questions around coliving and provides an outlook on where the sector might be headed. It also includes profiles for each operator with their backgrounds, operating models and market positioning.

Collaboration of SPX Agency with other Coliving Insights team members started from an initiative to provide a strong branding to the platform and its publications.


As the contributor in charge of branding and design, we started by creating a strong concept for the brand. In essence, the logotype is based on a typographic arrangement which addresses both a playfull connection of the words compounding the brand name, and its character & mission.

The colour scheme has been carefully selected to inspire a neutral, non-overwhelming feeling, which helps various stakeholders interacting with the brand, to focus mostly on the information that is being shared.

The brand identity of Coliving Insights has been carefully crafted to be minimal,

universal, long-lasting and recognisable.

We designed the first publication of Coliving Insights simultaneously with its brand identity, ensuring flexibility in applying branding elements to the editorial design in a consistent yet playful way. Every page of the report has been crafted to be endearing, but also to be read as clearly as possible.

Needless to mention, Coliving Insights also was in need of an online platform to promote its work; branding principles have been also applied to the initial website along with a set of images and motion design for its promotion on different online channels.


coliving design coloured logo
coliving insights logo with black background
coliving insights logo with white background
SPX Agency: Coliving Insights Colours grey and yellow
SPX Agency: Coliving Insights Colours black and red
SPX Agency: Coliving Insights colours white and lime
Coliving Insights font typography work sans
Coliving Insights font typography helvetica
SPX Agency: Coliving Insights flyers pattern
SPX Agency: Coliving Insights merchandising, paper bag



Flawless communication, smooth cooperation and great effort has been put into this project by all Coliving Insights members.

The first publication has been downloaded by more than 600 individuals during its first week of public existence and stakeholders of the coliving movement,

including operators, have shown further interest to collaborate.

We are thrilled to be part of a team of coliving enthusiasts; we look forward to experience the development of coliving and discovering its new ways & shapes, through collaboration with our partners from Coliving Insights.


"Creating the first issue of Coliving Insights was an ambitious undertaking as we had set out to analyse the sector in a way and scope that was unprecedented. SPX Agency were a pleasure to work with and played a crucial part in cracking a tough nut. Their passion and understanding of the industry coupled with commercial acumen and keen design sense allowed us to create a strong identity for the publication and relay a large and complex set of data in a way that is impactful and engaging."

Dario Kadiev

"Getting SPX on board of the project was a game-changer. Not only a seamless cooperation – SPX delivered results beyond our expectations. It’s been an honour to work together and to keep building upon this collaborative momentum."

Gui Perdrix
Founder & CEO
Coliving Diaries

"SPX helped us take the idea of what was a personal research project to a level we hadn’t even imagined. Their collaborative, professional and flexible approach allowed for smooth iterations based on our needs. SPX then added their own flavors and vision to what is now the first version of Coliving Insights, which we’re planning to be one of many!"

Matt Lesniak
Conscious Coliving